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Full Version: Lv 100 Area Battle & Faction War!
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Discuss about faction war! Tell us about anything you like!

Questions to get you started:

What is the current situation in your lv 100 Area?

i.e Continuous struggle of trade centers/other cities between 2/3 factions; random/alternating or permanent alliance of 2 factions; all good players in 1 city (ex: economic center) and newbies in political center;

What are some best/most exciting/worst moments in area battle/faction war?


What are the rules set up in your faction/server for lv 100 cities and area battles?

i.e Limit of 4 players per non-political cities, mandatory CF when moving out of political centers for AB/refine...

What are some strategies known/used by your or some other faction/server for lv 100 cities?

i.e invest tactics, AB tactics, attack tactics/ organization

Those are just questions to get you started, not a questionnaire. You should post in any format you want. Feel free to suggest more questions, share more stories.

In the early moments in lv 100 area, we lost our all our trade centers to one faction, so we were using 1 Military center for AB. We still had many cities, due to all Cultural cities being ours and after a while, the faction owning 3 trader centers decided to give back 1 trader centers to each faction, and let the war restart. So all the 3 trade centers went back and forth between our faction and the other faction ( when 1 faction owns all 3 trade centers, it's game over and 1 trade center is handed back to each faction, to follow the original tradition). In the meantime, we switch our AB city from Military to Trade center (it wasn't really easy). Strategy involved was coordinated mass invest into target city, after AB, or surprise invest attack at some random time when FOR is high enough. One good moment of this period was when won the first AB against faction 1 and we all moved into that trade center, (basically ditching our 2nd AB to invest in that trade center Smile) then faction 2 won the 2nd AB against that same trade center and also moved into that trade center to invest. We ended up being all 3 faction into the same trade center and chatted for a while in Area chat. Alliance was random, we can be allied with another faction, or it's the two other faction against us...

After a quite long time of this faction war, we created a new strategy: Peace... Rule: Every faction had at least one of each city, ABs are only between cultural cities. No Inspire in AB. No limit on number of players in each city. Reason: invests costs got too expensive, saves laurels from inspiration. A bad time of this was when a player launch AB on cities when they are not allowed: it is fixed by the other faction by pounding the player below yellow color. The downside of Peace is that there is no alliance Smile.