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Full Version: Cyclone Mage
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Cyclone Mage's damage is fixed to 15%, hit rate is also fixed, not matter the wash/TG/level/book.
(Require no book, no wash for attack)

When a cyclone hits a target (all enemies are targeted, but only ~25-30% hit/success rate), they lose 15% of their troops right before they attack for 3 rounds. Once a target is hit there is no stopping it, regardless of whether the mage lives or dies.

If a target is hit again when it is already in "poison/deserting" mode (purple fog):

The 3 rounds don't stack... but they do reset to 3 more rounds [Image: smile.png]
Also, if the hero is stunned (by say a Thunderstorm, Thunderbolt, or Sunstorm mage) and in CHAOS, they don't lose any troops when its their turn... the CHAOS just expires and they skip a turn... but you also don't lose one of your 3 affects. So if you inflict CHAOS and DESERTING at the same time, the chaos happens first... then 3 rounds of deserting after that. [Image: smile.png]

by SteveTheHammer and pfarro1/aka splat

Sample BR: (lv 1 cyclone mage) hit rate is fixed and random

More info:
Cyclone Mages... Hit you like a Hurricane!
Cyclone Mage damage bug.
Its worth noting the large benefit a single cyclone mage can have in passing a tough NPC like Odin (at the end of Hanging Garden).

Most players beat Odin using Boars Head, with a Rally hero (Hermes or Athena) in the center with a dancer and bugler behind him.

Odin's troops have 3 x continuous Crash & Burn heros who basically suicide their troops while the Rally hero is kept alive with a string of 12+ successful dances.

The flanks of the Boars Head set up are disposable, but the more damage they do to the buglers the easier it'll be.

Most players put mechs or mages on the flanks, and the MOST successful set up seems to be using a Thunderstorm mage in firing position 1, and a CYCLONE mage in firing position 3.

If the cyclone mage is able to inflict Deserting status on Odin's buglers before dying, you can avoid the frustration of ties. Many times, players are able to get the number of dances needed to surive and kill off the enemy attackers... but not enough to kill Odin's buglers before a TIE occurs. Washing the rally hero for spirit AND valor helps, but not nearly as much as a single cyclone mage hit can.

The fewer times you need a dancer to succeed, and the few times you need to ren your Rally hero, the sooner you'll get through Odin to unlock levels 151-160.

Here's how it looks like with a cyclone mage:
http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N2012121055463 - back bugler hit
http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N20121210799121 - both buglers hit

I'd post my own version, using a thunderstorm mage in slot 1 instead of Heph, but it's close to the same effect. The biggest chance of success is having a cyclone mage available.

The lack of stats needed for this hero's attack makes them extremely valuable when gear/enchants/jewels are not normally sufficient to survive.
For comparison, most Athenians (who don't have a cyclone mage) use Mist the Murk Mage to hit the rear buglers in the Odin fight.

In ewokspy's BR you saw the rear bugler inflicted with Deserting in both rounds... and for 3 rounds after Syrinx was killed off. Final faculty? a touch over 9000.

In this one, you see a fully trained lv150 Mist washed up with a big book and enchants... Final faculty? 12292.

The cyclone mage is king.