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Full Version: Lost Temple - RA - Need Help
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This is the first time ever i have felt so bad about not having a mage. That is because of Ra in lost Temple. who can be easily killed with 2 dancers and a mage.

However i never trained a mage or built a book so it would be futile for me to do so just for one npc.

I need help and pointers in terms of what I can use to kill Ra. I have tried Trimgors method of Zeus, Notus, Bug, Bug, Sult. Zeus dies in 2nd round itself as I am unable to get the lucky blocks which keep the camels morale closer to what can be suppressed. I have almost spend about 80 divs on this npc tring with dual dancers and thrud, and the above method. But all in vain.

If Trimgor can explain what were his stats for the perfect block that would be helpful, else if any other suggestion to kill Ra would be nice too. Thanks.
why you think you need a mage ? sult should do the same job, maybe even faster because you can hit 3 on mid row but you have to get a bug last spot.

Now dont say you cant do with 1 dancer, because i did, its just a luck encounter if you play with rally
What happens with dual dancers and thrud? What's the 5th hero?
(01-13-2012, 05:31 PM)Pluton Wrote: [ -> ]What happens with dual dancers and thrud? What's the 5th hero?
@kuse : for some reason my dancer was not succeeding as much as she should and the rally hero was getting dodged when she would. Till now i spent over 100 divs trying different formations, and this boar head with rally and sult also was one of many times tried options.

@pluton: With dual dancers and thrud, it goes into a tie, because ra blocks a lot and thrud just becomes frail and keeps losing her troops, till it goes into a tie (has happened atleast 10 times). This was with a max 13-10 weapon.

Finally i was able to beat ra today with 2 dancers, thrud and sult. U will realize why i used sult and how he compensated for thruds weakness.

just putting the br here for future reference.

Thank u for taking the time - have fun.
never said anything bout boars ^^

was more like

-----Dancer Rally
Bug Sult

but still gz on beating him, really is a pain when you have to rely on dancer :/
Kuse that does not work because after the "sacrifice" sult will fire 3rd then bugler will make him 95 morale and dancer now has 2 targets sult + rally hero. So you will eventually die unless you're super lucky.

Also notice thrud is not the ideal hero to use vs Ra because he kills the bugler in front of rally hero. That means it's rally hero vs anubis and redwood needed anubis not to dodge. If anubis dodged that rally it would be over.
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