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Full Version: I'm done with Batheo - (Trap to get your money)
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I've been playing since the game came out and I don't know why I play such a game that is so frustrating. I'm a VIP 7 and can't take the BS any longer. The BS "randomness" is exactly that, BS. I play 3-4 days to get gems only to fail or go backwards. they have reduced the success rate when you try a ulitmate wash. I feel really special when I fail on an armament, not the 1st time, but the 3rd time. I refuse to play any longer. I have never been associate with such a trap to get your money and Batheo expects you to continue to support their game/business. Well, not any longer, they can shove it. I will take my time and money elsewhere!
Beware to you gold buyers, buying gold does not mean results, it means you get frustrated! There are a few other things I won't miss. The updates, I cringe when I get the mail, basically it means they are changing things for the worse. and the joy of waiting for conditions to be right to refine. goodbye Batheo and goodluck suckers keep buying gold to fail while Batheo continue's to put rediculas rates in to prevent you from succeeding, But at least Batheo is getting paid and your left feeling frustrated and regret buying gold...

- Casey (Top Poseidon player of Server 1)


Can I have your account details? I am Empire57 from S5.
League members will take care of accounts.


I fail on an armament, not the 1st time, but the 3rd time. hey check the pg when enchant...do with 98 above...i did 2 times 1st try and 2 times pass ; p
I too believe in the hidden PG, i always test for gemming and it works for me, i dont even myself if i can help it, ask someone else to see lol

The other night got +12 for 3 max gems, always look at 98+ and test the window... see if that helps - personally i dont think gemming an armament is remotely sensible until you can guarantee +50 over the npc on anabus, sult and a mage... so your talking alot of time on 6 items before your ready for the armament sink... personally for me thats weeks off, i have 3 pairs done, 3 other pairs at only +60 of 100.
i dont get all these ragequit because they want your money.

I myself know they are going for money alone and dont maintain this game as good as they could, thats why i dont buy gold anymore simple as that.

this game still is fun to me, i dont think to much about fails or not because if you start thinking like that on EVERY game created it will make you ragequit (examples mmorpgs, one class got buffed too much you rage because you cant defeat and quit).

and even if you decide to buy gold why you expect everything will go as you want it? youre a top player on s1 as you said, so you played about a year now that means you know how this game works, how the chances are and whatever, so what reason make you think that VIP or gold increase the chances? Couldnt you read the vip bonuses or ?

i myself went for vip3 early, because the gains are worth it, after i stopped getting anymore gold.