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Full Version: Level 117 (ViP 4) vs Level 130 (VIP 10?)
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Not sure what VIP Peter is, but he's supposed to be the best Zeusian on S5. Not sure if 100% true since Redwood/Angellike/Valdemar are so tough!

Very Nice BR.. well done ARMOR
Peter quit in December I believe. His account has been getting soft since then.

I believe he's VIP8... but its been a long time since I talked to him about that.

I believe RedWood or Guderian could tell you for sure.

I'd say Guderian is stronger than Peter, and alwsays has been as far as I can remember. Peter was the host of Dragons though and their only King so far since they've been using his div to PvP for cities... which is another reason he's been getting soft. Smile
What vip is angellike, any idea?



Another 130 bites the dust. How do you rank angel? Higher or lower than Peter?