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Full Version: Lost Temple: Finished in 1 day! - Aritheo
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Finished Lost Temple in one day. (I did stay at Tefnut for a while after downed Siegfried)

Tefnut http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...2916146762
Nephthys http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...1023184022
Isis http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...1023234267
Mummy Guard I http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...1023282728
Mummy Guard II http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...1023305429
Mummy Guard III http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...1023314421
Geb http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...1023342760
Osiris http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...1023364705
Nut http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...1023467013
Temple Guard I http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...1023512535
Temple Guard II http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...1023541448
Temple Guard III http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...0212727620
Temple Guard IV http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...0212762867
Seth http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...0212818014
Shu http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...0213041898
Ra http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...0213169461
Anubis http://sols9.com/batheo/report.php?S=9&I...0213391901

Ra used about 10 divs due to the strange formation, but I could probably have gotten past with others...

Anubis only took 2 divs.


Purple weapon g13-7, +36
Red mount Pegasus g13-6, +36
Red mount Chimera g13-3, +36
Red book g13-7 +39

Purple armor g12-10, +36
Purple armor g12-10, +10
Purple armor g12-10, +25
Purple armor g11-10, +6
Purple armor g11-10, +4

Red Cloak g12-10 +34
Red Cloak g12-7 +36
Red Cloak g10-9 +23
Red Cloak g10-9 +16
Red Cloak g10-9 +19

Horns, 702+37, 702+22, 670 470 470

Sult 127/127 trained, 145/145 wash
Cronus 121/121, 135/127
Eris 118/118, 115/34
Healer 121/121, 135/116
Eurybia 121/121, 116/141
Dancer 121/121, 124/79
Hephy 121/121, 126/126/127
Heimdall 121/121, 138/76

Armaments: all white except flag