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Full Version: Batheo is Dying - ClapAlong's Greed
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Text below by Orochi from the Questionaire

New servers are opened very fast

There's been a HUGE drop of players weekly in every server I've
played on, ppl quit but no new players join, the best time in a server
is the 1st 2-3 weeks after it's opened, and then it drops steadily
downhill. Why? because new servers keep being opened and ppl just keep
leaving and joining newer servers
. Merging servers would solve the
problem of dead servers partially, but we the players have been asking
for mergers too long without anything happening, by the time it happens,
too little [and] too late. Too many ppl have quit to be able to benefit from
mergers, and ppl who quit don't bother coming back because they realize
there are better games than batheo...

Chinese servers are dying, so does Batheo

Batheo has a lot of potential, it's a game which can last for a good 2
years or more if the content is updated like the chinese version is,
however the chinese version is already showing signs of dying, because
the greed of operators there and the huge luck factor + slowness in
is making the game more irritating than fun. For instance, u
save 2-3 weeks worth of gems, and end up getting +0 or worse, negative
results from gemming
. Armament upgrading failure rate is even worse,
failing grade 2-3 or grade 3-4 over 30 times in a row? Recruiting map
.. when u have only a 5-10% chance of WINNING the fight, and some
ppl cant even recruit even after 300-400 fights? The drach cost for gear
enhancement is way too steep at higher levels too, 1mil++ drachs for
ONE enhancement? the maps 130 and above are catered for ppl who buy
gold, the average user will find it VERY time consuming to get pass even
120-130 maps, and for the 140 maps... it'll be so slow moving for map
progression that many players who ain't hardcore would probably get
bored of camping and quit. come to think of it, most players who ain't
that dedicated to batheo, would already have quit way before that. Guess
what i'm trying to say, is that while it's understandable that
generating income is the operator's number 1 priority
, and
understandably at that, there shouldn't be so much emphasis on buying
gold to speed on progress, especially when u factor in how MUCH gold is
needed to access certain VIP functions, and how much MORE gold is needed
to utilise those functions. There should be more options for the
non-paying players, or low vips, to be able to help their progression
decently so they don't get bored and quit.

Most of my friends (including myself), are vip 0-vip6. we can spend more
if we want to, but we see no reason to. simply because there's no real
benefit in going above vip4...

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