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Full Version: Beating Tart at 80 level
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This thread stuff is all new to me but here I am trying to post anywaysSmile I just recently decided to make a run thru tart just for the sake at doing it at 80 level. I am not really the kinda guy who makes these cool layouts to explain every detail. Just wanted to tell all those who are thinking about it that it is possible no matter if there are naysayers out there. I was told it could never be possible. Despite the months of being banned from legions and nobody willing to give a guy a chance to join a league to reap the benefits, I beat the odds. I have been able to do this since last Nov 11' but waited due to extreme circumstances within the faction in our server in S3. So I thought I would post the thread to show all you who love the game but might not be the most favorite person in your server that with a little persistence it can be done...lol Now there has been a lot of rumors in our faction that I spend a ton of cash to keep up and stay on top in 80 level. Not true at all. I did spend some money in the beginning when I sucked and didn't know better. June or July of 2011 was last time I bought gold and am a VIP 4. Anyways good luck to you all and it is possible just keep working at it. I didn't save all the threads cause I never thought I would ever post. So here is a few threads to give you an Idea or two on how you might proceed with what you have.

Nice. Any Ragnarok BRs?
(04-08-2012, 01:04 AM)Follow Henis Wrote: [ -> ]Nice. Any Ragnarok BRs?
Yeah I will show a few. Just beat Forseti the other day, was gonna try to get Sult before I moved up levels. However with 2 bugs and 3 sally in lines, even if I could beat him at 87 level it would take too long to even try. Ill just snatch him up at 97 level and work towards progression for the desert.


Lol woulda done it sooner, but with all the haters in S3 was spy tagged and had to keep my pres up and do everything else. So it took bout 3 weeks to get adjusted from the move and get to RL.


Thanks. Can you show the Ragnarok BRs of a player called JennyJJ please? I believe she nis level 80 and in Ragnarok on S3.
(04-08-2012, 05:16 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks. Can you show the Ragnarok BRs of a player called JennyJJ please? I believe she nis level 80 and in Ragnarok on S3.
Lol, Funny. Well she in Rag but she aint passed tart and isnt really all that far. And really dont have the brain power to do anything on her own. She does however send her pic to all the fellas in S3 to hook up wit. Let me give ya a link to her FB page pic, maybe your her MR./ or Misses rightSmile



Please put your Sult and Desert/Valkyries Rage BRs.
(04-24-2012, 10:59 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]Please put your Sult and Desert/Valkyries Rage BRs.
http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N201204239270406 (Sult)

http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N201204243127147 (Bastet)

Not really going to do much in Valk until I get sult as a recruit and ren and wash him up. Just working on my gear and rens.xD


I see you've already leveled up level 99. If you want to break a record I would do Thrud or Mist at level 100.
(04-30-2012, 05:30 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]I see you've already leveled up level 99. If you want to break a record I would do Thrud or Mist at level 100.
Lol, You guys in design really have nothing better to do than post stupid comments on my page. Yeah sure!!! with the new update and the ability to acquire gems, I'm really gonna sit at 100 lvl just to prove something. Sure Ill sit if I get paid. Well.....too late!!! lol already lvl 101. Guess I wont be getting any records. Guess Ill just have to gem up my Kylin's and catch up to ya...hehehehehehe

Got Sult and ready for edjo;p
Been Busy but progressing well ;p



Haven't been doing much with the maps. Just working on my guys getting ready for the next maps. Beat Hel a few weeks back and not really in a hurry to race to a high level yet.
http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N201208227856430 Hel


Was just checking some new map heros out and forgot I posted this. With all the br deletions dont have much to show. Here's a couple to update.

http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N20130509627750 IPHITOS

http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N2013040510667601 pelops

http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N201302201114376 elf