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Full Version: Complete Guide to Washing, the coding and the Vegas style breaks of Batheo
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by Agamemnon_S14

Authors Foreward :

This guide is not aimed at anyone below level 100, its aimed at when the
game gets serious and you need to streamline your play and resources to
still beat it - more importantly if your level 80-117 i hope to show
you how to set up for that stage of the game wayyyyyy in advance. I
share my experience of double washing around 50 heroes and realising
what errors i made in mid game which had to be reversed when the game
stepped it up....

Level 120-130+ - The end state....

What are we trying to achieve with washing? Simply put we need to hit
+50 stats over the npc, or sometimes with lesser heroes to stop the npc
being +50 over us. At the same stat the npc and us do 1:1 dmg (100%
versus 100%). If the npc hits lets say our 2nd line bugler he might hit
to 150% or more. Washing and later gemming thus becomes crucial in
swinging a 1:1 fight to 3:1 in our favour (150% out and 50% incoming
dmg). To do this we will requiring total stats (gems + base + wash) to
hit around 250-300 or more by nilis.

Base Stats

In the early game these are irrelevant as a good wash will drop you into
the npc range or above it. Resist this urge if your thinking of later.
For example i washed Hebe for valor, that worked until desert, she
could and did tank okay. This is a huge waste for later, her best stat
is Ele, wash her for that as later there is no way she can tank a valor
hitter, max gemming would not make up for the poor base stat. Sult's
ele is another example and to a lesser degree triple washing anubis, if
you take it on, be FULLY aware he will only hit 75+150 and then need
around +75 gemming to fully mitigate the mages to half damage - a huge
investment in laurels and gems!! For the very highest echelons of the
game i think you need to avoid investing in base stats of 84 or less,
unless its a very special exception. (Note with anubis you might decide
getting back to 100% mage dmg rather than 150% incoming mage dmg will

The Game Setup

If you bothered to look at the game you will have noticed its very
clever, shifting 30 min windows, refresh quota every so many hours, odd
times to reset the day and then the clock etc. Its skillfully
constructed to encourage lots of logins per day. As such i firmly
believe that the washing is a hidden gauge, they have carefully avoided
you being able to log in, hit your labs, take max PG, max crops and
everything in one swoop.

As such you need to 'dip a toe' in a 30 min window to see how its
playing, expect 20 washes to let you know and then you can decide - if
the window is good you want a good stockpile to make the most of it, i
use 250k laurels at 130 for window exploitation.

A good time to try is around the min PG, if crops are also low then
you can bet something else is high, they dont put everything high and
low together remember? I often find 50-65% PG is a good time to dip a

Tells and Basic Understanding of random number generation

They used code for washing and its not massively complicated but we cannot see it.

Max Wash = current +5

Min Wash = as low as 1

Pot = Random total of stats but gold increases the overall amount in there

Dice Theory

For double washing i want you to think of you current wash as a 4 on the
dice, but your rolling 2 of them. So what we really want is to reject
all 1-3 rolls, we might take a 4 4 roll if a smidge better, a 5 3 or 3 5
might work and 5 5 or 4 5 or 5 4 is kewl and the 6s excellent!!

VEGAS THEORY - Tells....

Played a slot machine? The machine is design to pay out once it gets so
much in, the stat washer has more favourable and less favourable times
to wash also. Keep an eye on the number of 4s and above it rolls. Its
the like the hot girl in the disco flicking her hair, she might be
interested!! So Pay ATTENTION!! to all those rejected rolls. You are
looking for how many 5s and 6s it hits on the stats your trying to move.
E.g. I have +100 +100 in the batch of 20 do i see quite a few over 100
in each category? Good cause that means the 5 and 6s are there, i just
the them to happen both at the same time - e.g. 1 in 3 chance of a 5 or
6, but a 1 in 9 chance for them both to happen together. I also should
pay attention to the nearly accepts 4 3 combo's close to my wash but not
quite good enough - all of these together let you see how the 'window'
is playing!

Conditional Gains (- +, + -)

The thinking man's accept wash. I get something but lose something.
For example i have a wash of +50 Valor +50 Spirit (eg sult) do i take
+49V +52S - yes i do. The total is higher but keep it simpler we need
to wash quickly and carefully - i get -1, +2 {take}. As long as the
overall picture is a positive gain and even a 0 net gain is fine if you
need to keep stats close to each other. Think of the 0 gain as double 4
and the conditional gains as 5 and 3 or 3 and 5 on the dice, slight win
but with penalty.

Absolute Gains

Easy, peasy both stats go up - GREAT!! This is the window you are
looking for, keep a track of how many double increases you get - it
could decide whether you go 'ALL IN' with your laurels. Any window can
produce a flukey double 6 result but how many is it letting you have?

Stat Balancing

We don't know why but the code likes to know what your trying to do.
For example it won't ping pong the highest stat of 95 around any of the
three fields randomly so it has rules and a structure. The best example
of this is converting a single wash to double - e.g. i take my cronus
and decide to use him as anti-mage. I have to accept significant losses
until i get the valor and ele stat close to each other - this is
balancing. You should aim to keep
the double wash within 15 of each other - e.g. 40 55. The + - gains
always try to make it diverge so if its not giving you a gain to keep
them together accept a -1 loss to get them back together.

Stuck Stats / Stuck Character

When you click accept wash, watch the game 'blink' the character, it
saves the heroes new wash. So if your stuck, close but no gains,
consider taking a same wash or even one less total stat to kick in a
save. Eg the un-needed stat might change (perhaps 8 ele to 4 or vice
versa). The random theory often gives gains close together so the
'save' might help. This might give credence to the swapping heroes to
wash, a saved wash on the other char could do the same.

Poor windows often for some reason not wash one stat as well as the
other, e.g. observing spirit i rarely see a 5 or 6 (above my current
wash) ever, never mind in connection with a good roll on the other stat.
These are the windows to avoid as they will rarely give absolute gains
and are where you hear people saying i never get good washes etc - they
simply dont know what to look for.

The final stretch.... the last 20

The hero is reluctant to do the final 20, so eg above 100 to 120 (hero
level 100). If you can use the free plat wash if not keep pushing,
always set up to keep one stat from maxxing into the final 5 range
before the other. Eg 116 versus 105 [120 cap]. Also, consider leaving
the bullseye clear in the final steps so that +5 +5 the 'perfect roll'
is still there e.g. dont take 118 113 over 115 115 - avoid letting one
stat fall below the +5 max to 'top off'

The First 25

Free plat washes almost perfectly take you to +25, +25 which can be quite a saving on laurels.

Some basic rules are this, stats are the most important thing in the
game, so get 4 gem runs done a day, farm legions hard for laurels (i do
18 each and every day) and think is that really going to be worth it?
Can i really spare 2mn laurels and 500 gems to let anubis take 50% less
mage dmg - or can i play smarter with formation and hero line-up?

Hopefully this will help my fellow players, i for one never found a
guide with any useful content so see if you agree about the 'tells' and
other aspects, if you dont then the guide still holds true for many
other aspects of washing.