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Full Version: Hierarchy system
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Hi all,

I play on the french version of Athanaton, and we're going to get the V3 in the next days...

A big unresolved question we have is about the new hierarchy system.

Could some1 explain me what are the benefits of being Basileus ?
Seems our modo from the official french forum don't know how the hierarchy will works, and I did not find a lot of informations about this on your forum neither...

So far, we only know that the Basileus and the nobles will get a very small atk/def bonus, and that he will have a big target tattooed on his forehead...

Is there other advantages ?
Wo needs to become Basileus ? The strongest from the faction ?
Is it dangerous if the Basileus is a player who likes to play "outside" the faction rules ?

Any complementary information will be appreciated Huh


Basileus = Highest level player of the entire faction. (If same level, then highest prestige)
Basileus decides what players become Ephor, Elders, Noble (the number of spot depends on Faction Power)
Basileus can mark players as spy (spy do not affect FOR in any way, but count as a player for launching Area Battles)

Hierarchy affects the following:

Faction Occupation Rate
The higher your hierarchy, the higher FOR you gain by winning a battle, the higher FOR you lose by losing a battle. (Basileus in military center winning another purple Basileus can get up to 9-12% FOR)
FOR gain from investing is decreased (by ~50% I think)

Being the first to attack Nobility in the Wanted list will give you 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000 o prestige for Noble, Elders, Ephor and Basileus. (Wanted List reset each day)

Faction Power
Any player winning a battle over Nobility will increase their Faction Power, which gives more nobility spots that Basileus can assign player to. (Most faction assign least spot possible to avoid losing FOR) (Faction Power reset every 4 game years I think)

Attack/Defense bonus
Basileus: 5%
Ephor: 4%
Elders: 3%
Noble: 2%