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Full Version: Batheo: Online Gambling!
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Under the terms of “free to play”, “No download”, and “Real time strategy”, Batheo seems to deliver plenty of perfectly crafted features, yet ultimately ending up with Dollar-greedy mechanism that drives gamers extremely addictive.

Such games as Batheo, Castlot, Indomitus and Empire Craft should not be considered the new trend gaming, but a new threat to personal privacy and online gambling. Most of the times, players cannot have the exact chance to get the items in dungeons or arena, instead, they will have to spend money trying their luck. For example, if players use wheel of fortune, they will have to put them in the position of being gambler, in a bid for the items and equipment.

No animated action, no realistic comic characters. But when talking about making money, it is doing good.

Let’s say, players are able to let their heroes or troops being the status of “Renascence”. What does that mean? increase military forces? not yet, but a new round of spending and gambling.

Source: http://www.dotmmo.com/immortal-king-4223.html


Don't beleive me?
Prabhu Wrote:One thing which anyone who plays the game here can accept is that in
Batheo luck supersedes strategy after a certain point.
Orochi Wrote:sure every game has stuff based on luck, but seriously name me one game which is as luck based as batheo?
  • Commissioning
  • Daily Quests (gambling with gold)
  • Enhancing Equipments
  • Levy Events
  • Refining
  • Dungeon gems drops
  • Enchanting
  • Enhancing armaments
  • Renascence levels
  • Recruiting npcs
  • Gambling with divinities to dodge, block, not fail...
  • etc,etc?
to a certain point your progress is dictated by luck.
You luck will always go worse and worse as you progress, and you will NEVER finish this game (regardless of how much you spend).
Armaments have highest failure rate and is costly (purple armaments have 50 upgrade)

Ridiculous Armament Fails:
[Image: 16jk2vo.png]