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Full Version: Lvl 150 version I know - Sephiroth
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by Sephiroth

Hi everyone! I happened to know some
lvl 150 version from one of my friends. Both of us are looking forward
to fighting in the new battles. Here I cannot wait to share what I got.

New Maps & New Legion War Maps

Like the 140 version, in this new version, they will add new maps. Much
stronger NPCs, wow, seem very hard to knock them down. If you
successfully defeat those crazy enemies, congratulations, you can
upgrade to Lv 150. However, you have to improve your strength first, or
you only send your troops to die.

My friend said that there will be 2 legion war maps of low level
appearing in the lv.150 version. Knock down every NPC group; you will
get bountiful Drachmas and supreme equipment dropping from them as
rewards. Haha, another way to win Drachmas and free valuable equipment.
Good news for me!

New Area

New area for lvl 101 above players opened! 34 areas are provided for
players in different Factions to occupy. Mind that if you are not strong
enough to occupy the areas, call up other players in the same faction
to help you achieve it. You will run a high risk of being destroyed by
the rival faction if you act imprudently by yourself.

The Prosperity and the area Price Level are not changeable as the
original area. Each of the 34 areas has 100, 000 fixed Prosperity and
the Prize level remains above 120%. You may get more profit in the new
area. Aha! I am eagerly ready to relocate to the new area now. The new
battle mode and new way to get resources will certainly bring more fun
to us.

You can get plenty of treasure boxes from attacking and daily salary.
Opening the treasure box, you can get laurels, divs, drachmas, prez and
even gems!

Enhancement of Armament

Its said that the success rate of the enhancement of Armament would
increase a bit. But don’t know if its true for u. All we know the
success rate is kidding thing. But different is even it is failed, the
armanment is increasing a bit.

Change in VIP Services Charge

In the current version, if you want to upgrade your VIP level when the
interval between your purchase exceeds 24 hours, you will have to pay
more Gold as an extra fee. Feel reluctant? Yep, the same as me! However,
in the new version, there will be no such fee any more. Batheo finally
listen to us!

Change in Elite Troop

In the lv.150 version, you can attack the Elite Troops in the Expedition
without LIMIT! Come on, go for purple armor and weapons!! Another good
news says that extra Laurels will be given to you if you attack the
Elite Troops during specific period of time.

New Function for Renascence

A new function has been added in the Renascence, i.e. the auto
Renascence function. Tick it and the hero will automatically Renascence
without requiring your operation. It is so convenient.

These are what I've known by far. Update here if u know more.