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Full Version: Tips and Build for lv 130-140 (Zeus) - Orochi
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by Orochi

There are a lot of builds for nils, for zeus there's the no mage build as opposed to the cookie cutter with mist. and for the no mage builds, some swear by the use of zeus, while others frown upon it. there's the zeus + 2 BM dps approach, and there's aso the 3 BM dps approach. and the Dps heroes also vary.. i have seen BRs of Perses+Hera+Zeus+2buglers completing nils.... so seriously there're a lot of combinations apart from the cookie cutter ones.

the KEY for nils, is enchant and gear. high enchant improves damage by a lot. 2 kylins could make a build work where 2 chimeras fail.

that being said, hera is the more popular choice over zephyrus, combined with anubis u get 2 x sacred stardust which is highly effective. even some athenians who dont have the advantage of zeus choose to use hemera+anubis combi too. personally i'm going 2 mage route since i dont have luck with kylin and my enchant luck sucks too, so it's cheaper and easier to go with 2 mages Smile

No Mage Build (3BM build)
sult+anubis already = 2 sets of valor+spr enchant. lack of a mage means u need sult to do decent dps as opposed to just being a meat shield, so u can't be stingy on his enchant. then u need a 3rd set of spr enchant for whatever pure 3rd BM dps u're going to use. in order to really optimise a 3 BM build, u'll want at least 2 kylins, and a decent grade for spr hit armament. then u still end up without a real mage tank unless u triple wash anubis and give him high ele enchant too. or ele wash cronus which still means an extra set of ele enchant.

that's at least 6 x purple items (2 x armor, 2 x weap, 2 x mount), u need to enchant well.. red is relatively easy to enchant so the issue is usually purple. i don't know how good your luck is in enchanting, but for the average player it's not easy to even get 1 maxed set (or near maxed) of purple valor+spr enchant by nils , let alone 2 sets and more (without much camping that is). not to mention the time n drachs needed to commission for 2 kylins.

the thing most ppl don't realise, is how important stats are in nils, aka wash+enchant. and since wash is usually maxed out, what makes the difference is enchant. and that's all the more so for a pure BM build. for someone who already has 2 kylins (or good luck in commissioning) and good luck in enchanting, then that's the path for you. for someone with no kylin and no luck in enchanting, that route could take a horribly long time to realize it's potential.

the problem in nils lies with the last 4 npcs including elf. good enchant means u require less luck and divs to pass. bad enchant means u can probably spam a ton of divs n get to elf. but Elf himself will be a nightmare. n personally i dont see the point in wasting divs to get to elf if u cant beat him, since the whole reason of clearing nils is to be able to level beyond 130. beating elf is the goal, not getting to him.

my 2 sets of valor/spr enchant are +66 valor +89 spr, and +40 valor +70 spr. n the only reason y spr is decent is cause i'm using chims n not kylins. as u can see my my valor enchant sux even for my best set, and i've totally given up on the 2nd set of valor/spr enchant, my sult has tat crappy set and will just act as a meat shield to protect my mages Smile all grade 0 armaments too, since the benefits of armaments are co-related to enchant, without good enchant armaments wouldn't help much either. (and upgrading armaments now is a waste if u fail.. since in another update u get an increase in the stats even if u fail)

3BM for pvp works fine. in fact 3BM with the gear and enchants to back it up would fare better in pvp on the average (more consistent n reliable). the problem with mages in pvp is that they're extremely fragile, even with a maxed cloak.. if u dont have spr wash+spr enchant too. but most ppl (like myself) use mages coz they're cheaper eg only need single wash with ele enchant to work well for maps, so in pvp they get eaten by BMs (let's not bring up those who can afford to triple wash and enchant every stat).
so if u have the patience to make 3BM work, then yes it's a good choice.

just for referance sake, the BEST pvp lineup for 150 n 160 is 4 BM 1 bugler. BUT that is rediculously expensive and will be a dream for most except the high vips. most of the competitive ppl end up using 3 BM 1 mage, or 2 BM 2 mage by that stage.