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bambev event:fight|N201103015729156
Layton event:fight|N201103015860101
Ladyreana event:fight|N201103016864726
Soopa event:fight|N2011030113891094
Lickergood event:fight|N2011030113913464
Sreejit event:fight|N2011030114172277
Steve69 event:fight|N2011030114212965
Ortheon event:fight|N2011030114293299
valiant event:fight|N201103025703
Gueremo event:fight|N20110302142351
Greldin event:fight|N2011030313190632
Nexus event:fight|N2011030314718039
Soopa event:fight|N2011030414598843
Sreejit event:fight|N2011030414643268
bambev event:fight|N2011030414743871
russ event:fight|N201103052084818
Turtlelini event:fight|N201103052566365
Soopa event:fight|N201103053508152
Ortheon event:fight|N201103054561860
Catsalion event:fight|N20110306171901
banks event:fight|N2011030910029588
Tamien event:fight|N2011030914774108
valiant event:fight|N2011030914847133
regan event:fight|N2011031113785300
Toxicadam event:fight|N2011031213833635
Ortheon event:fight|N2011031213886537
valiant event:fight|N2011031213925286
Vladimar event:fight|N201103146564820
Farqrnhell event:fight|N201103146867741
littlebo event:fight|N201103149302517
Ironhead event:fight|N2011031614257691
capteo event:fight|N2011032811137289
Imper event:fight|N2011032811283137


Murell event:fight|N2011040114201504
capteo event:fight|N201104085025870
Soopa event:fight|N2011040911806382


Xderage event:fight|N2011041511736953
Llwyd event:fight|N2011042210365843
Deceptive event:fight|N2011042210947603
Bogey event:fight|N201104231841413
Deceptive event:fight|N20110428112019
Palenkos event:fight|N20110501194737
koslov event:fight|N201105038910178

Dear Gamers,
Batheo is to release its update on the servers (S2 to S25) at 16:00 on May 5, 2011*. The servers will be temporarily shut down for about 30 minutes. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

SteveForge event:fight|N201105083038200

Hail ONE!The recent patch has brought many welcome changes to the game, along with one that will require some coordination from us. The "Hoard" function doubles farm/mine yields but makes your flag invisible.We've established an online spreadsheet for the faction to use to track farms/mines that are in hoard mode.
Please bookmark this and refer to it before attacking farms or mines that appear vacant. Also be sure to add your own entries if hoarding.

Omicron event:fight|N201105103942442
Kilrone event:fight|N2011051110787439
Beag event:fight|N20110513533610
Xeranius event:fight|N201105143430498
Omicron event:fight|N201105213646937

Area Battle of Lorenzo vs Taenarum event:legion|N201105226003079

Chloer event:fight|N201105251794222
Moses event:fight|N201105252817257
Kilrone event:fight|N201105255022351
Boss2 event:fight|N201105262666083
Artanis event:fight|N201105263026718
LordRahl event:fight|N20110528239179
Bathelan event:fight|N201105283177369

1k Prestige!
Artanis event:fight|N201105291703098

Hail ONE!Thank you all for your commitment to invest in our league tech daily, it makes us all stronger!You all did a great job focusing on Military Order and Levy Contribution. We want to shift gears now and focus on Transaction Contribution. This tech will contirbute a small percentage of EVERY commission transaction to our tech.Please take a moment now to set Transaction Contribution as your default tech.
Be strong and battle on warriors!

Chloer event:fight|N20110530917085
Gueremo event:fight|N20110603117216

70k contribution

Meatshank event:fight|N201106141779417
Chloer event:fight|N201106144276818
Ortheon event:fight|N201106184215266
Edge event:fight|N201106184720242

Dear gamers,
In the updated Batheo, the cooldown and duration of Silver Mine Wrestle were supposed to be reduced to half the previous time. However, there is a bug that prevents us carrying out the plan thoroughly. As our players can see, the cooldown is now reduced to half but the duration is still one hour. This is going to affect the general gameplay and the balance amongst players and factions. We will be fixing this bug as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Edge event:fight|N201107011886735

League Merge
First and foremost, a big welcome to our new brothers and sisters, we're very happy to have you aboard! I know I can trust you all to welcome them as equals and treat them with respect.Second, be sure to check your Main Quest tab, you may have some quests you can turn in for free $.Finally, please use the hoard spreadsheet to avoid taking occupied farms/mines. It's simple to do and the courtesy goes a long ways.

League Tech
Congratulations on attaining league level 100!Please take a moment to review what you have your default league tech set to and make certain it's something OTHER than League Level. We don't want your future contributions wasted on a maxed out tech.Military Order and Camel techs will help us all get more drach, so one of those would be my recommendation, though you're free to select something different if it suites your fancy.

Meatshank event:fight|N201107111290117
Katet event:fight|N201107112447916
Draggoon event:fight|N201108056783631
Bino event:fight|N201108057527460
Edge event:fight|N201108086557340
Gueremo event:fight|N201108102395627
Rolandad event:fight|N201108155134953
Katet event:fight|N201108167360322

Losing or winning an area battle can now actually swing FOR by as much as 40%, making this all the more critical.

GULLTONY event:fight|N201108222671456
Deceptive event:fight|N201108224687548

NEW - 100 Zone Agreement with ATH and ZEUS
The continual struggle for control of the 100-zone cities is a mixed blessing. On one hand, it is a strategy dimension and challenge that can be satisfying at times.On the other hand, it can be quite a pain. Specifically: - invest attacking is getting really expensive - defending against a coordinated invest attack requires ppl to be on @ 20:00 server time - policing our cities to make sure none have > 4 is a pain
- It's kind of a pain having to log 10-15 alt accounts to be able to win theseHere is an idea I would like to propose: - Each faction gets all of their original cities back. - ABs will only be initiated and fought between the 3 cultural cities. - No more invest attacks! - Every city can have an unlimited # of ppl in it.
I think it would remove a lot of hassle from the game, while still giving everyone 2 ABs each year for prestige and bragging rights.
4 - If anyone loses a city, the faction that took it over will place farmable targets in it until it is regained by the original owner.

Macedon event:fight|N201108276145929

AB is in SPARTA. As all will be from this point forward. Please move there by 7:00. Please use CF unless you're confident you can out-invest any FOR lost due to attacks you receive.

Edge event:fight|N201108317158975
Edge event:fight|N201109051132082
Rose event:fight|N201109101752493
Murell event:fight|N201109101842346
Deceptive event:fight|N201109104456640
Guderian event:fight|N20110911714739
Macedon event:fight|N201109112102836
Macedon event:fight|N201109124338427
Rose event:fight|N201109134545918
RedWood event:fight|N201109134603967
Rose event:fight|N20110917661907


Macedon event:fight|N201109247022438
stunami event:fight|N201109247391163
Macedon event:fight|N201109251274999
Edge event:fight|N201109251613285
princessK event:fight|N201109272861102
Artanis event:fight|N201109272863685