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no one said this update is coming soon.... in asian version there was 4 month gap from release of 140 update to 150 update. I can verify all of the info he provided is accurate though. Here is direct translation if anyone is curious:

1 Open150Copy-copy and for new army.

Opening 150 maps Tang Empire, only need to defeat the emperor Xuanzong, rose 150 levels.
Added new recruit military Qin Qiong, Wu Zetian, Li Shimin.
Open copy of the new army romance of sui and Tang dynasties, reward mass jade, Conan Lee waiting for you to challenge.
Also added 2 low grade Deputy leaders and heroes and build-up of the forces nouvelles, there are rich rewards.

2 Opening new areas with high levels

Reach 101 class,VIP3 above are free to migrate to new areas.
VIP3 below can apply for the migration to the new area, are national VIP3 Player above passed.
Each approval number restrictions VIP level increases.
New area has up to 34 cities, all city of prosperity is fixed at 10 million, prices have been 120 above, also has new battle modes and resource availability.
Can experience the more intense fighting in new areas, and faster development.

3 Enhanced change

Cancel intensive CD, magic values fixed in a day 95~100 between a numeric value.
Select national officials assisted enhanced, strengthened cost savings, higher the official title, rank higher, more savings.
For everyone, each officer can only be selected once a day.
Therefore, demote the equipment return ratio of silver coins with lower.

4 Legion and elite removed quantitative restrictions

Legion and elite removed quantitative restrictions, can be unlimited to attack every night 20:00-23:00 attacking Legion 20% additional military exploit.
In addition to red equipment drop rate increases, other equipment drop rate unchanged.

5 Textile change

Textile change, you can choose 2 people of the mirror as a secondary auxiliary textile, textile fabrics to the highest level among the three, and is no longer the captain of the highest level.
Strengthening and Platinum mode to increase profits dramatically, textile overseas critically hit national notice.
Textile critically hit, selling, overseas probability does not change, weaving based profit unchanged.
A person can also be completed more than textile!

6 Trade changes

To post in the NPC trade, instead of and player trading, day trading times 4 times increase to 12 .
Specific combinations of businessmen formed the event, additional generous incentives, discover events people are huge rewards for the first time, and full service notices, new rewards and jade.
Probability of the individual businessman as before, camel technology is still a bonus.
You no longer have to get up early to find merchants in the winter!

7 Washing properties increased recovery

System storage of military commanders had reached the best property, you can always restore to system properties of the stockpiles, unlimited, free of charge.
Washing properties increased after the arrow, it seems more intuitive, probability of washing properties unchanged.

8 Increase the main city

Increases the VIP level personalities of the main city, more beautiful, more majestic, show personality, free of charge.

9 Weapon enhancement changes

Substantial increase in the all-star weapons and strengthen the success rate, reduction of the strengthened consumption jade, all debris out the significant increase in the rate of quality weapons.
Increase weapon tough, can improve the final effect of the weapon.
Increases every time he failed to strengthen armor-tough, when tough reaches a certain value, strengthening must be successful.
Tough and will only increase, not reduce it.
After this update, for those who have been enhancing tough weapons that have been given a certain amount of compensation.

10 Battle of PO box adjustment

Increase battle of Qing, Wang and found its way out number of treasure chest, treasure chest out of the military exploit of a huge increase.

11 Adjustment of delegated

Senior businessmen appeared in all probability increases, the businessman delegated items does not change the probability.

12 Adjustment of training

Reincarnate automatically increase function, training gold spent less soul trainer price reduced.

End the train no longer need coins, military experience to experience shows, more intuitive.

Training rate unchanged, reincarnate increased level does not change.

13 New to increase activity

Before each role you create 3 days, time for new activities.

Active welfare: 1. beat the Lord sent gold coins.

2.Upgrading the main city sent silver coins send command.
3.Seconds CD half price, double the war military.
4.Specific time bursting to fly for free, forever.

14 Nurhachu and the Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan, Zhao Kuangyin, Yue Fei's arrest rate increased.
15 Large Ming army enemy number is reduced to 8 people, gold, Liao Mongolia is reduced to 6 people.
16 Zhu Yuan-Zhang's difficulty reduced, great song and difficulty map reduce.
17 Army Battle effects for enhancing, farm changes, can be opened at any time the farm.
18 Cancel late fees, recalculation VIP level.
19 Cancel the conquest, increase chat blacklist.
20 Cancel the store, white equipment to large probability in the early fall.
21 Red equipment drop rate increased substantially
22 Officials after the appointment is irrevocable.
23 Enhanced Zhao min and Kublai Khan
24 Tin mine into the interface with
25 Increase attack prompts, historical battlefield report lists improvements between the players, more intuitive.
26 Cancel the upgrade science and technology CD

so the actual translation of what some of this means:

- Release of 2 new maps

-Opening of 34 new cities for lvl 101+ AND VIP3+, below vip3 must "apply" to move. price rates are fixed at 100k, and levy rate is fixed at 120%

-Enhancement process changed (this one is not completely clear), but higher title (nobility) will lower enhancement costs more

-Between 20:00-23:00 server there will be unlimited quota on elite NPCs and laurel drops will be 20% higher

-increase in the number of vans able to be sent out per day to 12

-Washing made more intuitive but probabilities unchanged, and some new function for heroes with maxed wash

-cosmetic change to cities

-increased success rate on uprading arms and lower gem cost. even when fail will be incremental increase. and beyond certain point upgrade must be successful (i think this only applies to yellow or higher)?

-increased rate appearance for all traders

-auto renascence function added, training costs reduced. ending training no longer costs gold (i.e. the 1g)

-increased recruitment probability on various NPCs (anubis, onemaus...)

-fixed rate for VIP level increases (for those who have already bought gold, VIP level will be recalculated)

-substantial increase on red equipment drop rate

There is also intermediary update either right before or right after that changes prestige loss above 700k to 3% of current prestige rather than fixed 15k above m50