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Full Version: Pure Mage Build review by Pure MAge User xario
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xario (Pure mage build):
i see that BM users with much lower enhancements and enchants are MUCH stronger than mages. same level BMs can 1 BM hit kill my maxed zeus cloak mages and my heph does only about 3k dmg to them. thats really funny against NPCs BM users also have advantage because they can use many different strategies. for example there are NPCs where you HAVE to use eurybia.but as mages user to use eurybia you need a supporter too. so you waste 2 fields only to use eurybia.

all in all mages are VERY weak. that sucks because i have not the gold to start washing BM heroes

Aritheo (BM mixed Build):
I totally disagree with the comment of mages being very weak. I happen to like being full mage as it is very fun and exciting all the time. They are quite powerful if you have them properly geared up. It just takes a lot of gear to make them effective And the reason why those bmers are hitting you too hard is because you don't have the enchants/washes to counter them

loool. i am maxed at level 120 with maxed zeus cloaks and seals of soul. my washes are maxed and my enchants are very high. so there is NO chance to block a hera hit from strong players WHATEVER you do hehe.
Example: my heph maxed at level 120 with +140 spirit wash and G12-10 zeus cloak (spirit enchants about +35 mount,+35 cloak) and about 13k faculty dies on first hera BM hit which does more than 13k dmg to him Tongue

ok for the guys who dont want to understand Tongue :
MAXED heph at level 130 and all other mages with EVERY item maxed in enhance and enchant and MAX washed will die after 1 BM hit of hera with about 200 morale and maxed kylin and maxed spirit enchants and washes.

thats stupid because heph+another hitter like mist cant kill hera in first round also with maxed purple books....


BRs to show that xario is not weak:

Trouble at Skuld:
all you guys dont let skuld and her team to attack with their BMs. for elementals skuld is a nightmare, i really hate her

Beating Cronus:
Cronus: http://b17.clapalong.com/?fid=N2011070410543556

A long time ago:
good guide mate (refering to SteveForge's Guide)
in my opinion mages are really strong and there is nearly no chance to kill a good mages only player. i have tried the mages you use but i think most of them arent really good. i use always only 5 mages(+epimetheus as long as someone is renning). i think its a waste to train many heroes because you waste drachs/gold for training and have to wash more heroes. and one more thing.
i read you wash asclepius in element. i am pretty sure element wash doesnt help him so i washed him in spirit to be the best BM-blocker. i try to block BMs with asclepius and valor with psamathe because i dont care if she dies fast.
Chiron is my weakest mage but in my opinion he is exactly as strong as epimetheus is in avarage dmg.
and one more thing. i am pretty sure you calculated hit chance wrong. i have lower hit chance. chiron,charon,heph about 85% and psamathe,asclepius about 75%.