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Full Version: Completion of 150 Maps VIP0 - NonVIP vs 150 C&B Boss
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Here is the vip0 who completed 150 maps (had a request to post here):


contains screenshot of his account (no gold purchased) as well as victory over li shi ming (lvl 150 boss)

Video: NonVIP vs 150 Continuous Crash and Burn Boss

Anyone has an idea how to get those china reports back working again? They are not working for me since December last year
Nope, the BR doesn't work for me either.


From what Squinters said:

in that report against li shi ming using oneiroi, 2 bugs, oenomaus, and asteria (shown below).

bug oenomaus bug

Ok the BR works:
when you click on the report in the top middle you
will see two | | with nothing in between. click there. a list of
servers will come up, pick the one with the best connection speed.

Here's the video:

Heck of an Ono, must be good arms and gemming!
it is standard farming formation for athena for odin. arm and gemming requirements are pretty high though (especially at 150)