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Full Version: Rainbow Bridge - Complete
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Same gears as what I had for Olympia from this thread, except I got +110 Spirit enchant on Anubis and a few ticks of enhances on the purple book.

First three are easy peasy:
Ullr http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201206121265311
Njord http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201206121275033
Idun http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201206121313808

Trouble begins here, Vidar is like Augeus [Image: frown.png]
Vidar http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201206143727716

I had a major dodge crazy luck towards the end to get past Hrym with 2-3 divs
Hrym http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N20120615253899

Grendal settled down in a few divs as well [Image: wink.png]
Grendal http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201206152525634

You can level up from 140 to 150 at this point.

This is for fun(make sure you have a pop-corn in hand, if you plan to watch this lol)
Hrungnir http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201206152810512

Moral of the story: No yellow armament is absolutely needed. Channel all your gems towards enchants till the point where you can farm up red armaments.

Update: Rest of Rainbow Bridge BRs

Thialfi http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201208111093249
Jord http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201208126383388

Thiazi http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201208126401834
Thrym http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201208126404272
Beli http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201208137929615
Thor http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N20120815683031

Gymir http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201208161009326
Mimir http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201208161018607
Honir http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N20120924672685 (need a lot of luck with dancer not failing)
Gunlod http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N20120924756511
Grid http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N20120924819837
Saga http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N201209243080496
Odin http://b9.clapalong.com/?fid=N20120926189069

Thanks to Squinters for his guidance in farming arms among others Rolleyes


tats wat i wanna see....heimdall usage finally ; p
I'm so happy I thought I should share this Cool

[Area][System]: Prabhu defeated Oenomaus.
Very nice! Congratz!

How many divinity did you use to recruit him?
What's the win %?
(06-27-2012, 12:26 AM)Pluton Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice! Congratz!

How many divinity did you use to recruit him?
What's the win %?

Thank you. During the recruiting attempts, I was with like 40% win rate. Beefed up Anubis is key. I got him in 12-13 wins. Most others I have talked to got him in single digit wins, so before Batheo screws anything up I thought I shud try and got the result. Thankfully, I didn't have to go through the painful experience of Anubis' recrutiment Smile
win % really sucks for athena and zeus (heph really shines at this stage). glad you were lucky (took me 50+). grats!
(06-27-2012, 03:51 AM)Squinters Wrote: [ -> ]win % really sucks for athena and zeus (heph really shines at this stage). glad you were lucky (took me 50+). grats!
Thank you, there are others who got him recruited in first win lol. A few others with 2-3 wins Smile
Updated with the rest of the BRs for the map.
Odin dropped to me in the first win and that win took around 60 divs.
The luckiest moment of my batheo history most probably as I wanted to recruit this guy.

Training very slowly now as I dont have a weapon or a mount to give to him for the time being. Also no resources to wash him but everything will be ready when he finishes his training.