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Full Version: Rainbow Bridge Reports by ELRIC
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All the reports in one page:


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I head decided to skip Oeno and recruit Jord. But while mrbuttslaps reports were Jord heavy, these are oeno heavy. Now I dont know which one should I go for.

And heph is present in almost all reports. A proof for "heph becomes obsolete in 150" argument is invalid.
Ophion or Syrinx would do alot more dmg than Oeno.

Heph is the easy way to generate dmg but jord and isis do more if properly supported. Like it or lump it you will be using 3 dual powered heroes (Book / weapon or Mount / Weapon) very soon. Personally with armaments in such a state i am supporting the new gemming early, its pay off alot more than arms as my BRs show - i hit harder than 80% gemmed, high arms guys.
I dont challenge the arms vs stats approach, as I had only valor shield at G1 when I had Grendal down, everything else were G0. Worse arms compared to your kill.

I dont get what you say tho. Do you say that Isis with +140 valor, +140 ele would do more dmg compared to Heph with +140 ele?

If this is what you say, how did you come up with this argument? How did you compare the two?
I compare in pvp, sorry to not support my argument with BRs.

Its about 90% heph power with 0 valor, but i hit harder than heph using +100 valor gemming in pvp.
Also, isis tends to always find a soft side (eg an ungemmed or unwashed side of the target) like ele on anubis, or non valor washed or gemmed side of heph. As a result your nearly always doing bonus dmg of some kind.

Jord will make that alot worse for anubis users, hopefully i will be on odin by then Smile