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by Third

I converted some terms to the one used by Batheo.

Hi everyone, this is the English translation of the upcoming 140 update!

It is originally posted by graydust in Dynasty Saga forum. I have made minor changed to the names so Batheo players can understand better. Dynasty Saga is the direct english conversion of this game from asia, Batheo uses the exact same gameplay except for names.

I have highlighted all important changes in red [Image: redface.png]

Faction system
A. After spring 208AD, a king will be elected from those who is lv 80+ and have M50 title at 8:00 pm spring every fourth year. Highest level player among them will be the king. If many of the same level, highest prestige one will be elected.
The tour of duty for the king is four years. He can confer three different level of title of nobility(Count, Marquis, Duke). The king and the nobilities will have boost on attack/defense and other welfare.
(P.S. As far as I know there's no other welfare other than attack/defense boost in this version.)
B. You'll see kings and the nobilities of other faction on wanted poster. The one who defeat them first everyday will get extra reward.
(P.S. In online version, the first 2 will get extra prestige when defeating them. King = 4000, Count = 3000, and so on. And by defeating the king and nobilities will earn more allegiance. No other extra reward.)
C. The king can mark players in his faction as a spy. All action done by and apply to the spy won't affect occupation(That means invest, attack, being attacked). A spy cannot join region war.
(P.S. You can only mark players equal or below lv 100 as a spy.)

Armament system
A. Campaign from Desert on will drop armament fragment. Five fragments can merge into one armament.
(P.S. Actually it's from Desert on, and the drop rate is pretty high.)
B. There is total seven kinds of armament. It increase valour attack/defense, spirit attack/defense, spell attack/defense, and faculty respectively.
C. Armament also have color to differentiate their quality. You can use a level 0 armament of the same kind and jades to upgrade a armament. The max level of armaments of different quality is different.
(White drop in deserts, Blue in Valk, Green in Chilly, Yellow in Temple, Red in 140 maps)
(P.S. It costs 100 or 150 gems per upgrade, I can't remember. And the success rate is VERY LOW. white armament can level to level 0, blue to level 1, green to level 2, yellow to level 4, red to level 6. There's no purple currently.
The base value aka level 0 armament is the same among different quality. So if you don't plan on upgrading it, every "color" is the same at grade 0.)

Combo system
A. There will be a "suggest targets" at world interface.
B. Attack suggest targets and win continuously will grant you more prestige.

Title system changed
A. Player who reach next title will see a "promotion" prompt at title interface. When promoting, player will get 3 times of salary as a reward.
B. After upgrade to new version, all player will start from civillian and can claim the promoting reward.
(P.S. that means you'll keep your prestige and you'll be back at title 0. You can raise your title back and claiming all the promoting reward.)

Farm and Mine system changed
A. There will no longer have mail sent to you indicating your farm and mine status. Instead, they'll be shown on right side of farm and mine interface.
B. There will be at most 8 messages.

New campaign (These are chinese names, we will certainly get something from norse/egyptian/greek myth)

A. Song Dynasty and Water Margin. Max level raised to 140.
(P.S. Can level to 140 after defeating Water Margin.)
B. New recruitable generals, Zhao Kuangyin, Yue Fei, Wen Tianxiang.
C. New unit type -- Poet, (the other two too hard to translate, it belong to Yue Fei and Zhao Kuangyin respectively.)

Dungeon system changed
A. CD can be accumulate in dungeons.
B. Some dungeon map updated.
C. Time limit of different reward level changed.

More League message
A. Host can sent at most 5 messages per day.
B. League note will be shown at the bottom of the chat window when player log in.

Recruit panel updated
A. Heroes can be dismissed and recruited directly at recruit page.
B. Heroes info panel will show their main attribute, which type of gear they need, and the pattern of their attack.

Aide changed
A. Add auto wash attribute
(P.S. This is very useful when you need to dual or triple enlighten.)
B. Remove auto battle point donation.

VIP 3 and above
A. VIP 3 and above will have a chance to critical when enhancing gears, increase the level by 2.

Strategize system changed.
A. Players will be separate by Faction at strategize page.
(P.S. every Faction will keep 5 most recently BR.)
B. If currently no faction, players will be distributed averagely.

A. Use gold to unlock all merchant.
B. Instant progress will have text prompt.
C. Can use drachmas to train 24 hours. Gold cost of training 72 hours decrease.
D. Prestige decay of title 46-50 decreased.
E. When using bountiful enchant and failed, you no longer get stat minus.
F. Max divinities raised to 50.
G. Players can change colonies at most 3 times a day.
H. Gears drop by NPC will be shown directly.
I. Subject of mail will mask out hyperlink.
J. Cancel 8 hour protection.
K. Assistant auto commission now have system announcement.
L. Cancel area battle report.
M. League can only upgrade their emblem after choosing faction.
N. Enhancing cost slightly reduced.
O. Prestige Heroes removed:
25k - Dardanus
30k - Peres
38k - Tantalos

25k - Hespera
30k - Astraeus
50k - Aura

30k - Galane
80k - Doris
130k - Calypso

Argus Panoptes

New account can no longer have them. But they'll stay in your recruit list if you have them now.

P. Slightly improve Crash and Burn.
Q. Slightly improve Elemantalist.
R. Slightly increase the damage of Armored Chariot.
S. Fixed the spell damage reduction trait of Skuld. (P.S. Yes, it's broken and have no effect now.)
T. Commission panel changed.
U. Player will get a prompt when they are out of troops.
V. When doing campaign or attacking player, you can have result directly.
W. The ownership of a city shifts when a faction have 20% more allegiance than the faction currently owning it.
X. Remove the prestige rank limit of chatting in faction channel.
Y. (This is about a contest held in china server.)

UPDATE from Zeus

Batheo's new version is underway. To celebrate the update, we are launching a Buy Gold special offer. This is what you have never encountered before! The more you recharge, the more bonus Gold and advanced equipment you will win! Equip yourself and stand out in the new Batheo world!
... (5000 USD$ for purple mount&book + red armor+weapon)
As you enjoy our promotion, check out new version release news:

New Features of Batheo:
1. Melt System: Yellow equipment or above can be melted to get Gems.
2. Revision of Guild Panel: You can directly view the result when you successfully get a new trader. The refining bonuses of each trader will be displayed as a small icon. Rewards will be displayed in your Refining Panel.
3. Revision of Expedition Image: The Background Images of Trial of Perseus, Trojan War, Defense of Athens, Beasts in the Wilderness, Labyrinth of Crete, Jack and the Beanstalk, Heath Aflame will be changed.
4. Drop Rate increases in the Attack and Extra Attack...
5. There will be an increase in the limit for your Levy. ???
6. Gamers who quit the game for 10 days or more will be rewarded with bountiful Gold, Drachmas and Laurels if they return.
7. Prosperity will decrease every day when it reaches certain amount.
9. Investment will increase the Hostility towards the other Factions.
11. When the players in the Political Center cities are defeated, their Faction Occupation Rate in other areas will be reduced.

Many updates are already implemented as you can notice.


What happens if you use/own one of the heroes that are going to be removed? (my other acc has Doris)

Are you aware of any compensation if you do have one of these heroes as my Doris is max renned and spirit washed to lvl 88. (been very useful in getting past faction maps and halfway through Tartarus at assembly level 88!)

Are you aware if the removed heroes will be replaced with new ones? (wont be upset about losing Doris if replaced by a Mutiny Outbreak Golden ArcherWink )


All the heroes that you have (recruited or not) will still be available for you to recruit/use in formation.

Only the new accounts that have not unlocked the heroes, won't be able to get them.
Should we store gems or just keep working on gemming our gear? For example i am +81 on my main tank for valor gemming, I can see valor gemming being really important - so trying to work up a 2nd tank now.

Also, i can see +ele gemming being crucial, i guess skuld double washed for the mage tanking will be crucial also.....

Have you any tips on how to prepare? The Armaments and nobility sounds kewl as hell. I am planning to use gnutt / skuld / Anabis / thrudd as my attack heroes supplemented with Ascelpius and a bug (cronus - triple washed if i can get laurels...)


1. It appears that the effect of city attacks and invests on FOR has been reduced. Is this true, and if so, what are the new numbers?

2. If you're in the political center of an allied faction, get attacked and lose, which faction loses FOR in their other areas? Yours or your ally's?