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Full Version: Marduk
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So he steals morale (single target)

Thus, is he essential recruit (to replace notus/eury etc) for those morale essential fights?.

I dont see why not as we can blast with odin and jord, control with eurotas and use marduk for anyone else?

Alot of new heroes if so, odin, marduk (jord/oeno).
He is morale absorption, good against those continuous morale enemies and can possibly himself be "continuous bm" by taking morale.

-> Infantry with additional defense against Cavalry

Something has to be said about Marduk's troop model LOL
Oh, all 3 recruitables in Babel have messed up troop models
I already asked them on offocial forums for new models!


Biggest issue to that proposed plan: when you require Jord to do damage that is another arm to farm (rather than one that can be avoided)
also the extra gemming... too painful for my tastes
Already have level 5 fire arm, besides the best hero is coming - he is a fire mage - he strikes in line - he has some great abilities including reduced dmg.

You wont be neglecting it when he appears!
@Agam, most of us would have brought two element sets up which is more than sufficient. Even for a non-VIP, there is one element set guaranteed as map rewards(purple book + red horn). IMO 2 BM + 2 mage + Cronus will become 3 BM + mage + Cronus or 3 BM + 2 buglers. Either way, 2 ele sets would be good enough(even when one wants to triple Odin).

At this point, investing more into ele arms is like a waste of time. In my 160 push, I had G0 Ele def and G3 Ele hit arm and I had no problem with mages.


zhang liang is primarily used as a meat shield. damage will come from xiang yu.

also grade 5 is the easy part :p
troubles logging in on phone... last 2 "unregistered" posts are squinters.
I hope its not a must to go and wash all those onenaumus/odin/mardurk? Otherwise we'll have up to 4 bms(including anubis) and 2 mages. Too much heroes IMO? Any chance we can skip some and use our mages.

Recalling Squins post on update review, " New system: Gem embedded, bring back value of mages" Is this the hint that we can still use TS + Mist + only 2 Bms for map 170+. It would be awesome as I heard we'll have strike in line mage and a superhero AOE mage (using book at least) in map 190.

So there's no point to change to full bm for map 170 and then switch back to 2 mages + bm in later map?
(10-18-2012, 07:16 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]zhang liang is primarily used as a meat shield. damage will come from xiang yu.

also grade 5 is the easy part :p
troubles logging in on phone... last 2 "unregistered" posts are squinters.
Can you explain more about Xiang Yu pls? (You once mentioned he is Oeno v2.0 with crazy stats). His pic looks like that of Triton's and is a cav is all I could understand from the NPC BR lol.

Btw, is this Xiang Yu http://s41.as.yaowan.com/?fid=N2012103029636503
lol they ran out of general names, so many of them get recycled, yes that is one of the xiang yu's.

Xiang Yu is actually Hades 2.0 (although his mold kinda looks like oeno). One of the super bm'ers that start fight at 100 morale and launch bm even with 0 morale.

BM is essentially smooth attack, special ability is extremely high crit rate.


For those trying to figure this out, let me help ya out...

above lv160 there are 2 maps with a recruitable boss (at least in Batheo.. so far with the 180 patch).

1) Karmanps (112/97/109) who's BM is valor+spirit, and who STARTS battles at 100 moral... the BM is called Panther Pounce.

2) Kukulcan (99/92/118) who is an elemental with line strike attacks. The description as a "fire mage" leads me to think he has a high hit rate like Advanced Pyromancers (i.e. Heph and Charon). He also has "high shield" which I take to mean he gets 1/2 damage incoming like Odin (similar to Skuld and Oeno's resitance to elementals, or Iphitos' and Marduk's resistance to cavalry attacks, or even Cyclops Armored Chariots' defense to spirit and valor attacks). This is the only mage in the game with higher average stats than Heph... and he takes less damage due to shielding!

The sad part? although we have the 180 patch and theses heros actually EXIST in Batheo now... the jewel drought we have means no ones going to unlock either of them for about a year or two unless we get further updates.

The 190 patch may make these obtainable, so I'm hoping we get that soon.