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Now i have yellow G4 arms... Should i drop red arms to convert them to purple?
getting the yellows to that level was a big mistake, you are going to struggle to replace them with reds and overall it will slow you down, but yes, you MUST farm reds and replace the yellows.

With the recasting (making them purple) do NOT do this till your red arm is grade 6, or you will suffer, 2 reasons for this:

grade 5 red recasts to grade 12 purple, grade 6 recasts to lv 20 purple, and you cannot farm purple arm frags until you have defeated odin and are into hanging garden, so you will be stuck with a grade 5 red equivalent boost instead of working for a grade 6 red equivalent boost, which will again cause you to slow.

Hope this helps

I wouldn't call farming yellow arms "a big mistake," and I wouldn't say he'll struggle to replace them either. Just farm reds now and when you get them to grade 4 swap them in for your yellows and melt the yellows and get some gems back.

Eventually you need to farm reds up to grade 6 anyhow, so might as well be farming them as soon as you can. You definitely should not recast a red grade 5 into a purple grade 12 for the reason stated above.
(11-17-2012, 06:08 AM)Lyken Wrote: [ -> ]you will be stuck with a grade 5 red equivalent boost instead of working for a grade 6 red equivalent boost, which will again cause you to slow.
that is very minor reason for not recasting. You don't recast at 5 because it is VERY dumb and ruins that arm's potential.
Hi squinters,
(11-19-2012, 08:49 PM)Squinters Wrote: [ -> ]You don't recast at 5 because it is VERY dumb and ruins that arm's potential.
what exactly do you mean with "ruin the potential"? Do you think there will be fewer fails enhancing the purple armory from g12 up to g20, than enhancing red from g5 to g6? And resulting fewer "fail bonus" on that arm? Or is there another reason?
ps: sorry, for off topic Cool
It is my understanding that purple arms will enhance from G0 to G20 with a 100% success rate. So what Squinters means by ruining the potential is that you will go from G12 to G20 with no fails and thus have a lower stat overall.

A pure purple G20 Erato's Affection with no fails would have a stat of +3000, while a red G6 Orpheus's Mourn recast to a G20 Erato's Affection may have a stat that is much higher.

I have seen too many players recast their G5 armaments to G12 and I am still trying to figure out why. In my faction on Server 9 it has already been announced do not recast to g12.

So what I did although I caught some flack for it is I upgraded to armaments to g5 and stopped so I can farm a third. I am waiting for the most recently announced update which will include the no degrade with fail past g4.
1) no, purples do not have 100% success rate. (They won't DE-grade on you until G30, but that's part of the problem).

2) no, the "fixed at G5" power isn't the reason to continue to G6.

The issue is pretty simple when you do the math involved, I promise to post this in another thread when I have time this weekend. Sticking with red to G6 has nothing to do with farming convenience... its all about potential power later on.
well I think part of my misunderstanding was that it was all rumors. In addition I was told by someone I can trust that the no degrade on armaments was in the works but they cancelled it at the last minute. Kinda like how we got the development area with the 160 update and they removed it shortly after.

This game is a translation of the chinese game and they had to make sure that the update was done correctly with features that are supposed to be in the game. Personally I think it makes no difference because it would make the big players spend more to take advantage of the feature that is given.

As for the armament recasting at g5 is a mistake, I have seen many people do it and realize that they have to start over which costs a lot of time and resources.

Disclaimer: This part of the post is purely my opinion and is based on what I see on my server.

As for farming convenience it actually does have a little bit to do with it because you cant farm purples until cleared hanging garden.
Anyone here knows how many fails is acceptable? At least for Orph Mourn and Wheel of Chariot
Everyone on my server says more fails is better. Which is not really helpful so when I asked the average fails they said that if you can get close to 100 you are ok. If you can get more than 100 that's even better.
For the record, in Batheo 7300 (lv210 maps/heros) all recasting is only availabel at G6 (which makes the G5 mistake impossible).

Red arm degrades are not possible now, however fails have CRITs where you get 1x, 2x, 4x, or 10x as much fortitude gain as normal. The weighted average for fails seems to be about 1.9x, so on average, red arm fortitude gains are twice as fast as before (less arms/div need to be spent Wink).

The average Fortitude gains at recasting seem to be range between 7% and 10% (meaning 70 to 100 fails under the old system, or about 37 to 53 fails with average crits in the new system). The HIGHEST fortitude % possible for red arms is supposedly 25.6% (256 fails under the old system). We've see 245 fails for one red arm on S3, and I'm told someone on S11 had one even higher... so its definitely possible, but very unlikely.
Its worth noting that players at lv186+ are grinding to a halt while farming jewels and maxing out arms. Many of these players are now buying red arms in the Bazaar to build new G6 red arms to convert to new G20 purple arms for 2 reasons:

1) Free-playing limits your jewel gains/progress so you become more and more reliant on arms and their fort%. Re-doing red arms (looking for a G6 with high fort%) gives players a chance to rebuild a weak arm they may have been using and max'd out by now.

2) Future patches allow for G110 arms (the max grade) to be recast to a super arm of G0 (or G1?). Two of these G0 arms can be synthesized to a higher grade, with significant power gains. While farming purple arms is nothing new, players below 194 ca buy red frags NOW in the Bazaar to make G20s, meaning they won't have to spend divinity on farming red arms in the future.

The Heavenly Weapons privilege (player buff) at lv194 (after beating Hydra, half-way though the Undead Fountain map) removes red frags from the Bazaar, which is good for purple frag buying rate... but means any red frags only come from spending div to farm them.