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Full Version: Heroes after Nils
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I have finished Nils map (only elf left) and currently have Anubis, Sult, Hephaestus, Mist, Peneus, Asclepius, Heimdall and Cronus. I got 2 Kylins maxed and 2 red horns.

I'm wondering if Eurybia is of any use after this map?
Also should i train a rally hero? And if yes, Kratos or Hermes and what makes one better than other?

While i wait to take down elf, should i ren Eris and Eurybia as i have 2 training spots free or they are of no use hereafter?

Is Zeus's cloak worth the drachmas spent in commissioning?

And any tips tips to progress faster? Help much appreciated..
Rally = definite (dunno about which, see stats and decide) *cannot defeat Odin for 160 without him*
Sult = Bin
Eurybia = useful until marduk (Hanging Garden)
Oeno = your call, can skip but with 2nd kylin probably worth it

Dont need Zeus cloak until 170, after you have Odin in your line up.

I think rally is never defintive, u can defeat odin whitout hermes or kratos. Zeus cloak right now is not a priority, it will helps only pvp, in maps until 170 u can skip it. Personaly, i love eurybia and in my full BM set she is top priority to me, even vs continuos BM, like anubis sult or anyone else in the maps, but is true, she lost some of her power and the need of a moral suprresion because of this kind of BM.