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Full Version: Lv 9 Attempting Defense of Athens and Beasts in Wilderness
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Note: In the current version of Batheo, Lv 9 is the lowest level a new account can be. All new accounts start at Lv 9, not Lv 1.

-- Defense of Athens --

Scout Force I: Missing (sorry Sad )
Scout Force II: b27.clapalong.com/?fid=N20121016664836
Scout Force III: b27.clapalong.com/?fid=N20121016665531
Eteocles: b27.clapalong.com/?fid=N20121023920751
Vanguard Force I: b27.clapalong.com/?fid=N20121023923334
Vanguard Force II: b27.clapalong.com/?fid=N20121023924790

-- Beasts in Wilderness --

Scout Force I: b27.clapalong.com/?fid=N20121022368381
Scout Force II: b27.clapalong.com/?fid=N20121023945694
Chimera: b27.clapalong.com/?fid=N2012102430688
Centaurus: b27.clapalong.com/?fid=N2012102452688

Funnily enough, at this super-low level, silver vault space is the limiting factor to growth. The severely low space prevents me from investing more than one unit at a time, making it very time consuming to reach even the low prestige heroes.


I have just started a low-level run account at level 9, trying to beat Adrastus. This is Empire57 btw. I am in early Defense of Athens and out of divs.
Heh, you've got a tough road to climb. I don't see how Vanguard Force III is possible without some of the later prestige heroes at least.


I am stuck at the same NPCs as you. You beaten Thaumas yet? He is so hard.
Nope. Thaumas is not as blatantly impossible as Vanguard Force III, but still plenty difficult.

Hector, by the way, is useless. Fails even more than Asteria, and does very low damage even after training to Lv 9.


What heroes are you using? I have managed to get Thaumas down to narrow lose with a near perfect double wash on Achilles. I am using Achilles and Odysseus but I'm training up Perseus for his stun. Perseus's high dodge rate makes him a better option than Hector.


Thaumas: http://sols9.com/batheo/br/v.php?k=5IeZZhcy

I hereby declare Charybdis impossible at level 9 without a 1 in a million run of luck. Vanguard Force III is my next target.
I have instead decided that Vanguard Force III needs Pallas or max double washes and one hell of a run of luck. So I am leveling up to level 10 which will open up cloaks and more techs, and most importantly of all, a third hero. My next target is Adrastus at level 10.
Took a TON of tries, but I've matched your Thaumas win. The low crop loss and no div loss really helps here.

Thaumas: http://b27.clapalong.com/?fid=N2012102744229
--- Beasts in Wilderness ---

Charybdis: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201212273573031
Podarge: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201212273608957

This appears to be the limit without insane amounts of luck or much better heroes. Chiron just hits way too hard. Even if one could get past him, it's still quite a few more NPCs until the really juicy rewards: blue armors and green weapons.

--- Defense of Athens ---

Vanguard Force III: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201212273629337

Beaten thanks to being able to equip blue weapons and white cloaks.

P.S. The Lv 180 update caused a weird glitch, pushing the account level up to 15 while keeping the assembly level at 9. It doesn't affect my battle strength directly; but it does significantly speed up my rate of prestige gain. Oh well...

P.P.S. Equipment level requirements aren't totally gone. At Lv 9, the equipment slots for books and horns are shaded in and it's not possible to equip anything there.

Vanguard Force IV: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201212274187857

Annoying, but fell after a dozen or so tries.

Antigone: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201212274197001
Pelops: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201212274243678

Stuck on the mini-bosses of both maps...
Chiron: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N2013080410960076

Been a while since I've updated this thread, haven't I? Well, the mini-bosses are just that hard. Took many, many months to get Selene and Clotho at this low low level. Clotho washed to +29(Max)/+20/+29(Max). Selene washed to +29(Max)/+19/+23. Even then, Chiron took a ton of tries. Unfortunately, Main Force I appears to be a modest but noticeable step up in difficulty, a step that I really can't afford because of already weak defense. So I don't think I'll be getting past him without more new heroes.

Ironically, despite the mini-boss of the easier map, Adrastus is actually tougher for Lv 9 than Chiron. At this level, you only get two formations: Testudo and Lochoi, and both at Lv 1. In either case, you're forced to face Adrastus himself, who always takes at least two turns to kill, and even then only with a lot of luck. On the other hand, with Chiron you get to snipe his mech down on Turn 1 before it even has a chance to fire, turning the battle into a 2 vs 3 fight rather than a 2 vs 4 fight.
Hooray for Lv 4 jewels. Embedded them in weapons and armor today. Tomorrow, I'll embed them in mounts and cloaks.

--- Defense of Athens ---

Adrastus: b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201309163332904
Main Force 1: b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201309163358622
Main Force 2: b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201309163380575
Main Force 3: b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201309163405896

--- Beasts in Wilderness ---

Main Force 1: b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N20130917730026
Hydra: b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N20130917764045
Ladon: b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N20130917764825


--- Defense of Athens ---

Polybus: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201403038413009

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