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Full Version: Embedding Emeralds
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So we get these soon, whats the way to go on them?

How many emeralds, on which heroes, doing what stats? Think squinters said valor? But alot more info would be great Smile
Updated list of confirmed costs to remove Emeralds:

G1 (+1) = 0 gold (can sell G1 for 4000 dracs)
G2 (+2) = 3 gold (can sell G2 for 6000 dracs)
G3 (+3) = 7 gold (can sell G3 for 9000 dracs)
G4 (+5) = 12 gold (can sell G4 for 15000 dracs)
G5 (+8) = 20 gold ( can sell G5 for 25000 dracs)
G6 (+12) = 28 gold (***can not sell G6 or above jewels***)
G7 (+16) = 39 gold
G8 (+20) = 51 gold <--- max level for Assembly 130
G9 (+25) = 64 gold <--lv135

G10 (+30) = ???? <--lv140
G11 (+36) = ???? <--lv145
G12 (+45) = ???? <--lv150
G13 (+55) = ???? <--lv155
G14 (+67) = ???? <--lv160
G15 (+??) = ???? <--lv165
G16 (+??) = ???? <--lv170
G17 (+??) = ???? <--lv175
G18 (+??) = ???? <--lv180

If anyone has some confirmed gold removal costs for G10 or higher, please post them.

Worship is currently the only way to get Jewels (which are only green Emeralds in our current patch).

It appears 1 worship = 1 jewel. There is also a chance to "crit" for 2, 4, or 10 jewels instead of just one. I'm still working on the rate of this crit-drop... but it seems to be about 1 crit for every 3 or 4 worships.

During Christmas we have a double rewards for worship activity as well, so it appears people will get a running start at gathering jewels.

Strategies seem to be all over the map on how to use jewels... personally I'm temporarily putting G1's on all my gear, and working to build 1 big jewel at a time. Current target? Ten G8 Emeralds... though that means 510 gold just to remove them later for upgrading to G10 and beyond.

The ballpark I got was that we'd likely need G8's for lv165, and G10s for 170. Recalling that the number of G1's needed for each jewel is 2^(n-1)... a single G10 consists of 512 G1s.

I think a more realistic way of looking at it is in G5's.... since getting one G5 a day from levy gold is doable.
G10 = 32 G5s, while G8 is only 8 G5s. 32 days vs 8... thats a big deal IMO.

hopefully we get more activities for jewels and get the 190 patch ASAP (where Clapalong promises to bring jewel rewards from ore-rubble processing).


lvl 10 =80 lvl 11=96 done n sheet as well
(01-15-2013, 08:08 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]lvl 10 =80 lvl 11=96 done n sheet as well
GBH Btw couldnt log in yesterday lol maybe it was the booze and other ummm things lol anyway i only have as high as 11 soory aint going higher at this point in time
lvl 12 = 115 gold to remove
done sheet
Patch 180.5 has been applied to Clapalong on S9.
Can anyone on S9 confirm the gold removal rates are still correct?

New jewel strengths are updated:
[Image: xein8k.jpg]
8 is 32g
9 is 40g
10 is 50g
11 is 60 g
12 is now 72g
13 is 84 gold steve
14 is 98 gold

Thanks for the info, here's the new chart:
[Image: 2woav7q.jpg]


thank you! Smile