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Full Version: 165 - What do we need?
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If i am still playing - what do we need? Give us an arms and gemming run down please for embeds..... Not wasting time trying when my arms have been broken for weeks!
Judging by the Chinese BRs, I'd say G20 arms is minimum... with G23 for valor shield, valor hit, and spirit hit.

- Anubis - must have
- Marduk - must have
- Oeno - seems to interchange with Odin
- Odin (not sure about Nanna, he doesn't have Odin's damage reduction ability)
- cronus and maybe another bugler (Eris?)
- Rally hero (Hermes/Athena)
- Thunderstorm Mage (Peneus/Asteria/Euro)

Other heros I'd make available just in case:
Stunners: Edjo, Inanna, Sunstorm mages, Hector, Iaphitos?
Dodgers: Nanna, Edjo, Hera/Triton/Glaucus... any cavalry with a strong pure-spirit BM and good mobility.
Helpers: Cyclone Mages, Sunstorm mages, Asclepius, Curetes?
Moral Supression? only with a big jewel... Eurybia, Notus

Most BRs show a 2 BM + 2 Mage set up... some show 3 BMs and 1 mage.

Jewel levels are unknown, but a moral suppression hero should be able to tell us what levels we're looking at once fully trained and Marduk is down.
damn should have read that
killled first oracle 4 in city tho so not all lost will get the arms now thanks steve
Please show BRs GBH.
(01-10-2013, 03:11 PM)Follow Henis Wrote: [ -> ]Please show BRs GBH.

theres the fourth in city lol i am weak oen is only a meat shield so heph can have time to kill. and i am lucky no skill just luck and heph.
I'm gonna assume you have a fat pair of jewels on Heph in that one. Wow... serious carnage.