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Full Version: Need List of chinese servers
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Please post links to any chinese servers, batheo servers, athanaton servers, etc that you know.

If they are using the exact same game mechanics, then the battle reports can be uploaded here and become easily searchable.

reports uploaded here contain more information, are protected from
being deleted be server merge, or server shutdown, and might have faster
load time (if flash player is changed).

In addition to battle reports, there will be a ranking for each server with many sorting and filtering options.

Current list of servers: http://sols9.com/batheo/br/servers.php

Please post links below or upload some battle report.
I know these 2 servers are still up as I have pulled BR's from them recently.





I uploaded the couple sets of full BM BR's from that last server for the Babel map.

If I find some others I'll let you know.

Do we know the format for the event numbers? I mean we know the first 8 numbers represent the date of the BR, but is there any pattern or system for the last 8 digits?