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Full Version: Zeus BM vs iphitos
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Hi, i'm a lvl 140 zeus player currently stuck on iphitos. I use a full BM build with zeus. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for certain setups for iphitos, because he is very tough even for BM. Not only can he take BM hits easily but the mage behind him decimates my heroes pretty quickly, leading to many losses. I was thinking of eurus/orion for some huge hits but i'm not sure if it will work. I have near max gear/washes but he is still a problem for me. I will post my heroes and gear below.

Zeus - lv. 140 renn 141 - 150/147/3 - +94 valor, +89 spirit --G(14)10 ares/zcloak
cronus - lvl 127 renn 141 -140/137/75 - +68 valor, +80 spirit --G(14)10 ares armor, G12(10) SOS
Anubis - lvl 140 renn 138 - 157/158/1 - +120 valor, +120 (+12) spirit - G(14)10 ares/mjolnir/kylin/zcloak
Sult - lvl 140 renn 141 - 150/151/47 - +120 valor, +120 spirit - G(14)10 ares/mjolnir/kylin/zcloak
hebe - lvl 131 renn 135 - 7/7/28 - G(10) 8 ares
oenomaus - lvl 111 renn 129 - 72/76/7

G(3) spear of achilles +750 valor hit
G(4) targe of achilles +681 valor shield
g(5) orpheus mourn +2021 spirit hit
G(3) topaz +756 spirit shield
G(1) reborn sun +150 ele shield

Any advice on formations, or new heroes to equip will be welcome!
Well, you have two good strong +120 sets, so thats good, but the only BR I've seen without Eurus was with a max Oenamous and Anubis and a G20 Erato's Affection. It would also be a good idea to get at least G5 Axle of Chariot since you have no pure BMers.
Thanks, I'll try to follow the Oenamaus build then. He's good for farming certain arms as well.
Here are a few full bm Battle Reports from our Server on Iphitos:
http://b19.clapalong.com/?fid=N201301052319035 Highest Arm is Grade 13
http://b19.clapalong.com/?fid=N20130101152991 2 Grade 20's but rest Arms very low
http://b19.clapalong.com/?fid=N201212251637976 Grade 13 Arm, rest Grade 4 or under.
Hope these help GL!
I did Iphitos with a G5 mourn, the BR's here arent visible anymore due to server merge.


Eurus - Cronus
Hebe - Notus

Give cronus a high horn and valor set.

With this setup, Eurus tears through Iphitos easily.
Does anyone have any Full BM poseidon way ?
The third version gives credit to King Iphitos of Elis, following the advice of the ... Below, look at the differences and similarities between the Temple of Zeus.


any rbl full BM reports? using oen and anubis