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or leave ur email here !
Me too. Anything 140+ VIP or not that wants to quit on this forum, let me know through private chat. I am Empire57 on S23, S3, S1 and S51.
lol K make sure you actually have the accounts before giving out the details this time
if steve wanna i give up mine to him...his good yea ; p


SteveHammer? Why would he quit? He has a great account.
no i mean i give up mine lvl 160 to him....heheheh
You have a lvl 160 account? Then why are you asking for a high level account?
not asking...is giving away.............hahahahahaha....mustbe a fulltime player...not partimer...on and off once a blue moon..u know wat i am saying......
Oh. So you are giving ur account away, not asking for a new one! In that case, I would be happy to take it up, I play every day except 2-3 weeks a year for holiday and occassionall sleepovers and computer crashes and school camps etc. Generally 1-2 hours a day. And I am an fairly experienced player, i frequent the forum and know a lot about which heroes to choose and everything.
yup....lvl 150 too...all at babel////// hanging....strong accts/.... if u one too.....pm me
instead of waiting for mergers....hahaha get some recruitment of ur guys yea ; p
Ii can take it I am one guys from french servers but I am a canadian and I know very well what i have to do for the hero a this stage i have to take odin and marduck after babel. and up all my armmement to 20 minimum to continue well in oracle and city. if you want i can play but if you dont want give it to who you want but if i have i dont change the pasword and you can go every time you want to see where I am.
Which server? Smile


GBH server....s15 heheheh... ; p
s15 ; p
tempting... Smile
send enjoy ; p
(02-16-2013, 01:11 PM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]GBH server....s15 heheheh... ; p
hahahahah WTF kaiser - GBH server hahahahaaha
gbh i am the new kaiser but he can go play everytime they want good luck for te last half of oracle
(02-21-2013, 04:31 PM)jesfred Wrote: [ -> ]gbh i am the new kaiser but he can go play everytime they want good luck for te last half of oracle
no probs mate hahah was laughing at his description of s15 lol thought steve took his account


This is Follow Henis. Some1 just changed the password on Top's account, do you anything about this yls1033? Or could GBH please ask around? I did give my info to some1 called stargazr or smth maybe it was him. Either way, I want my account back.
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