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Full Version: Rally BM - Greatest Shield for Specific NPC
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When you are very weak, you need good strategy, use:

Achilles... (or any other rally hero)... when enemy troop formation permits

vs Mnemosyne, the pure mech build will rip apart any heroes without supreme armor.

I tried other Rally heroes, but they block 3 out of 5 attacks too often.
(Need to take 3 hits to fire off Rally)

More Mnemosyne Battle reports:

You can use Total defense heroes against BM and valor hits, but you need billions of exp to train him, and lots of drachs to max an armor and cloak.

Achilles don't need training, nor any equipment for that battle.

vs Aeacus, sniper mech with strong defense in front,
well you can beat this guy with stronger weapons, but when you are weak:

no equipment on Achilles either.

vs lv 130 Siegfried


Bugler. Bugler .........
......... ....... Leuce (Poseidon rally hero)
Nereus Bugler .........

Nereus Sacred Stardust: 2 hit each enemy.
The troop in the back is powerful AOE, so Leuce need to dodge that and/or NPC dancer need to fail or buff Siegfried.
vs lv 125 Valhalla Guard II

by fayinsky

Level 103 Leuce vs. level 139 Ra


Lv 82 Achilles vs lv 129 Ra

(11-06-2011, 02:11 PM)katet Wrote: [ -> ]Level 103 Leuce vs. level 139 Ra

first of all gz on completing lost temple, and also would like to check few things from the battle, i notice Leuce allways receive 2 dmg, so i guess Anubis BM will be 60% valor, 40% spirit or atleast will take some % from both of em, also sphinx chariot dmg is also calculated with both? its my way of understanding that he makes 2dmg instead of one.
would thank any information about this, thnx and goodluck throught those hard maps Smile

this battle isnt mine, but it totally fits with the post title Tongue
http://s15.astd.niua.com/?fid=N2011092433156 (no longer working)

Lv 150 Rally Hero vs lv 150 BOSS, Continuous Crash and Burn.
Formation is: Bugler, Dancer, Rally (only 3 heroes)


More Rally builds...

Rainbow Bridge Map

lv148 Honir: http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N2012121922858778
Basically you set up a rally shield and hope the dancer hit every round while Anubis clears out enemies from the bottom-up. This same build can be used against a few NPCs in Rainbow bridge... as long as you dont' have Moral Supression heros to worry about, or any BMs that affect more than just the target hero, you can set this up and pray for perfect dances.

lv149 Grid: http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N2012121516643458
I like this one particularly, since Grid has two nasty mechs the Rally heros completely neutralizes and the 2 buglers in formation keep the Pandora's Curse hero from lighting up too many times. Anubis down below takes out his one threat, and goes to town on the rest of them untouched other than the cyclone mage (which can't kill) and the occasional, and weak, Pandora's Curse. This one is beatable without the Rally hero but since you need one for Odin, most people have one ready anyway.

lv149 Saga: http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N201212316297179
Again, this one you don't really NEED a Rally hero, but its the NPC before Odin so most people just go with it. Same idea here... Rally down below blocks out the threat from that nasty Rhea-like hero while Anubis and a mage take out a Total Dud (Total Defense) hero and work their way down.

Heres the other way people nuke this hero (http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N2012121516734911) using a thunderstorm mage and Heph/Mist to stun and kill the Rhea-type hero. Rally is a little more temperamental since you need the dancer to hit every time for several rounds while the mage version only needs 2 or 3 rounds of Thunderstorm stuns until that bottom hero is dead.

Lv150 Odin: http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N2012121055463
This is one battle where you're Rally hero actually has to KILL something. If he isn't double washed for valor and spirit, he won't do enough damage to kill off the buglers. Zeus and Posy players make this a little easier by having a Cyclone Mage in formation to hopefully inflict Deserting on the buglers early before dying off. The 3 hitters in this battle are nasty, Falling Skies BM (Continuous Crash and Burn) and IF you can set up Rally EVERY SINGLE ROUND... they'll suicide they're way down to nothing.

The key is to have the spirit wash high enough to kill the buglers and avoid a tie. This damage requirement means you'll probably need Hermes or Athena as your rally hero. Leuce, while superior to the others in mobility, valor, and element... probably doesn't have the spirit stats needed to do enough damage. Never seen an Achilles or Kratos used here either.

Hanging Gardens
Most of this map is easy, only Enlil and Anu, the final 2 NPCs pose any challenge. Anu in particular though is easy Rally-bait... http://b3.clapalong.com/?fid=N201211142429316

No Rally-needed builds here, although you "could" use one on a few of these mercs/elites if you wanted to.

Oracle Land
Chinese BRs show Hermes used several times, though its not absolutely necessary, as I found non-Rally solutions for the same NPCs. I have a feeling though, that Rally will make it easier to get through maps when attempting it with limited Jewel-embedding.

Host of NPO (formerly GODs Wink)


(01-01-2013, 12:00 AM)Guest Wrote: [ -> ]Chinese BRs show Hermes used several times, though its not absolutely necessary, as I found non-Rally solutions for the same NPCs. I have a feeling though, that Rally will make it easier to get through maps when attempting it with limited Jewel-embedding.
This has definitely been the case since lv160+

After level 180 we're seening more and more need for a "gimic-Rally build" to pass one or two strong NPCs per map.

The typical formation is Testudo form, with firing order: Dancer, ANUBIS, Dancer, RALLY, Thunderstorm Mage.
There are variations on this (using Sunstorm mage instead of Thunderstorm mage for example), but the double dancer set up helps reduce the fail rate on your rally hero. (Dancers have a 75% success rate, so using 2 gives you 93.75% success rate once Anubis has activated meaning you need both dancers to hit in round 1 or the BR is a loss. 56.25% of the time you get a usable round 1, rounds 2, 3, 4 are all 93.75%, meaning to get to round 5, hoping you get a perfect run happens 46.35% of the time. Not terrible odds-wise if your dancer can handle 2 hits without dying, and your Thunderstorm mage gives you 2 stuns/hits in the first 4 rounds).

Most players have adopted Hermes as their go-to hero (likely due to the former need for a Rally hero that could kill a bugler when facing Odin in Rainbow Bridge), but now that we use dancers to charge up, dodges can actually be useful to save your BR from a loss. Poseidon players have the best set up with LEUCE (10% dodge, 30% block rate), while Athena players can get close with ATHENA (5% dodge rate)... only Zeus really uses Hermes now.

Mentioned this before, but here's a prime example of why Leuce is the top dog in Rally heros:


Leuce (98/34/95) 10% dodge, 30% block - best bet for dancer-driven set ups (a dodge can save ya)
Athena (92/93/76) 5% dodge, 30% block, 5% crit
Hermes (70/101/36) 0% dodge, 30% block, 10% crit rate. - best Rally when damage output is needed.
Kratos (76/50/54) 0% dodge, 25% block -starter hero with low stats and better block rate than Achilles... not useful
Achilles (62/87/38) 0% dodge, 20% block - best bet for self-sustaining Rally set ups.