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Full Version: Inanna: 30% stun, 17% crit... and how crits work.
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Here ya go. After 101 BRs, 362 attacks, I've found Inanna's crit rate is about 17%, and stun rate is 30%.

The instance of both a crit AND stun is 5%. This verifies that they operate independently, and that the number above are very good estimates (0.3 * 0.17 = 0.05).

A chart showing the running rate calculations (y-axis) as sample size accumulated (along the x axis):[Image: 2n0oh87.jpg]

Its worth noting that the crit ONLY applies to the valor part of Inanna's attack. Spirit damage is unaffected. This is a game setting that calculates all crits.

(=1.5x Valor attack bonus)

All Mechs and BM's doing crits in valor mode (<100% moral), ONLY get the crit bonus on the valor part of the attack. For BM's its normal for regular mode crits to be all valor anyway so that's not an issue. For pure mechs who only operate in valor mode, that's also a non-issue. It appears however that spirit mechs who crit, are only given valor bonus, not spirit.

The bonus for pure-valor-crits is normally 1.5x stronger attack power, which usually means damage at LEAST that much more than normal.. upwards of 1.8x if you're already getting powerful attack advantage, but as low as 1.5x when you're only doing minimal damage (the min damage amount in the damage formula also gets this 1.5 bonus, which is how we/I can work this out Wink). Average valor crits will be 1.6 to 1.7 that of normal valor attacks.

Since spirit-mech regular attacks consist of BOTH valor and spirit, and the crit only applies to the valor portion, expect crits of 1.2x or so. Its not that you're not getting the same valor boost, you are, but the spirit isn't getting boosted. To get a spirit boost from a crit, you NEED to be a BM hero.

BM Attack Crits
(1.25x spirit attack damage)
Pure-spirit BM heros (like Lotis and Triton) who crit in BM mode get a spirit bm bonus. The bonus is only 1.25x though... an control on outrageous damages from crits... but it does apply to spirit, so that increase is still substantial.

Continuous BM heros who crit in valor mode, only get valor damage, and its the same 1.5x attack power increase (meaning it'll be 1.5 to as high as 1.8x total damage) as expected. The BM-mode crits for these continuous BM heros is more complicated, I'm still working to get data on this from Sult while tracking it against moral level. It appears though that continuous BM's only get a spirit crit bonus like pure bm heros do. It doesn't APPEAR that they get both... only one or the other depending on which mode their are in (reg vs BM).

Crit rates I have data on:

Lotis (Sea Longbow Archer) = 25% crit rate (in both Regular AND BM attacks)
Phorcys (Armored Trojan Horse) = 25% crit rate
Inanna (Crescent Ballista) = 17% crit rate (only valor crits in this spirit-mech attack. 120% power is average)
Thrud (Thunderbolt Ballista) = 10% crit rate (170% power)
Triton (Golden Cavalry) = 5% crit rate (due to his "golden" status. Cavalry do not normally crit)

Next ones to check:

Eurybia (Soul Hunter)
Odin (Soul Longbow)
Thor (Thunder Onager)
Iphitos (Golden Pezhetairoi)
Hermes (Phantom Phalanx)
Galene (Sea Scorpion) - has crits and "supposedly" can cause Deserting status like cylone mages.

Ones I'll need help with:

Shadow Cavalry (Hera, Siren, Onirii)

I may also do some low mechs for comparison (i.e. Odysses is a Trojan Horse, unarmored, and may crit a different rates than Phorcys). There are some other archers I'd like to test as well... later.

Here's Phorcys crit rate and damage done:[Image: 20rr6yr.jpg]
You'll notice the lowest value is 150% damage, and as his TG levels up over time, the lowest crit rises to abotu 155%. Near the end there is a large jump, as I gave him a max'd out mjollnir for more damage. As expected, the damage % increased more than the minimum 150% (since crits only affect attacking power, not total damage done). The highest bonus I recorded was a 182% done with a max'd out Thrud hero with max weapons, valor jeweling, and G20 valor hit arms. For pure valor attacks, expect about 160% to 170% damage during a crit.

Here you can see Thrud's crit rate run out to about 10%: [Image: qpqg0n.jpg]

As you can see in these running charts of calculated crit rates, you need about 200 samples to get things close. Random variation plays a LARGE role in expected outcome over less than 50 attacks... and definitely less than 20 attacks you can get in a BR. Things look very random until you sample about 200+ times...


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