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Full Version: Grendal and Iphitos Mech/Mage Build- Athena S3
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Very similar to a run by JinXWind except this is Athena. Here is the Grendal and Iphitos BRs.



Had to use Anubis to beat Oenamous, and Metis for Iphitos and Grendal, but the rest was pure mage. Here are all the statistics:


Element Set x5 60, 119, 60, 119, 136
Valor Set x5 157, 68, 86, 51, 85
Spirit Set x5 107, 78, 88, 80, 109

All heroes triple washed poorly except Morus and Metis who were double. 5 Maxed Books, 5 near maxed armours, 1 max weapon, 1 near max weapon. 5 Near maxed Cloaks. 1 Near maxed mount. Obviously, a G20 Death Light.


I am sure the books were purple
Yes, obviously.
Honir Down:


Hardest NPC yet for pure mage. Was gonna wait to bring in Jord, but managed to get it done without her.