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Full Version: Faction Maps at lv 87 - Vecspace
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by Vecspace

I guess 87 isnt exactly low, but still i find it great to complete AL3 15 level below the legion for maximum laurels[Image: smile.png]

Leto: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109172416727
Morus: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109215722245
Oneiroi: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109215794335
Ponos: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109215853247
Metis: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109215935583
Hemera: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109215949920
Aether: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109232953409
Crius: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109233024792

I do not know how to generate all the battle report since some have been passed already. Only have half the map BR left.

I shall show my zeus battle report too. For Hera and Zeus i beat them at level 92, as i level up right after i defeat Athena.

Hebe: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109124418932
Tantalos: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109122415870
Thalia: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109152745040
Euphrosyne: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109135462237
Proteus: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109134705442
Eurus: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109216198075
Priapus: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109216120201
Boreas: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109222157029
Zephyrus: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109222160582
Notus: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109222168836
Orion: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109222185827
Ophion: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109225292525
Pan: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109235242442
Hera: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109274864103
Zeus: http://b31.clapalong.com/?fid=N201109274889806

I lost the rest as usual. Personally i think zeus is harder than athena too.

MountTongueegasus 5256, Chimera 3027
Armour: Immortal Flame 1319, Burning lava x3 1311 1221 1011 Caged Desire 816
Cloak: (pointless since i am literally cloak-less average of 1200)
Horn: 310 300 230 230 220

Eurybia: G8(10) +95 Spirit
Lotis: G9(4) +105 Spirit
Eris G7(10) +86 valor
Hecate: G8(3) +41 Spirit
Thoosa G7 (10) +84 valor
Amphitrite: G9(3) +52 Valor +61 Spirit

Thats about all the hero i used.