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Triple Washing Tips - Eishi - Pluton - 01-29-2012

It's possible to triple wash using LAURELS... a lot of LAURELS. (so only triple wash if you know you'll keep the hero for a long long time)
Absolute mode = Platinum mode (5g, 10g, 15g, etc)
For VIP players, a mix LAURELS/absolute would be the best option. (free absolute +5g +possibly 10g)

Rule of thumb to triple wash: "accept the changes when the SUM of the 3 new stats is higher than its previous state." (but there is an exception when one stat gets too low/high compared to the others. see below)

- test the wash rate: wash ~10 times a gen who needs a single wash, if you see a bad rate, stop! You’ll resume later... if you see that the sum of 3 stats raises, switch to the general you want to triple wash.
- keep your 3 stats at a similar level: the higher a stat is, the harder it gets to get good wash. try to keep them in a 10 point range... if one stats raise too much, you might consider losing a bit if it allows normalizing the 3.
- When to use Absolute wash? I've tried different ways (test rate and use it only if good rate, try at high enhance rate...) but the best way I found is simply to use it as your FIRST action when connecting! and do only once (free wash). If you want to absolute with gold too, just try 2-3h after your last wash. Superstition or not, this worked well for me.
- do NOT overdo: getting a triple wash equivalent to your general level is already good enough (all stats at ~+100 on a gen lvl 100)... if you try to max wash (lvl+20), you'll waste too much laurels/gold. Better to use it on another general or to save it for the next renascence.

It is quite easy to get 'till +90/+90/+90 using LAURELS on a lvl 100 general... and cost ~1Mil LAURELS (probably 600k-800k if done in par with the free Absolute wash) After that, Absolute wash will save you tons of LAURELS! Absolute cost raises fast. So take your times on the wash... 2-3 absolute /day will provide a slow but steady grow of your gen.


You get 24 rallies per day + 3-4 from assistant + free campaign rally on elite resets... You can then count on 20+ legion/day --> 80k+ LAURELSs/day

I hope it helps

Good luck

- by Eishi

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RE: Triple Washing Tips - Eishi - Evilness - 01-30-2012

Great tips but still its just not worth to triple wash. Maybe if you have enough gold to always get 2x chests from garden.