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Another guide to Athenian prestige heroes - Horus - Pluton - 03-17-2012

Another guide to Athenian prestige heroes by Horus

All heroes will get a rating between 1 and 5 with 5 being the highest.

P.S, someone (Will not say who) told me to create a guide like this
because I used all of the Athenian prestige heroes available.

NOTE: This guide does not have info on the prest heroes you can no longer recruit.

Medea [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14154&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 500 (M2)

Stats: 57/99/30

Troop Type: Crossbow cavalry

Battle Magic: Soul-taking arrows

Lifespan: From as soon as you get her to the beginning of the faction maps

Rating: 4/5

She can crit and dodge, making her a good hero in a 1vs1 battle.

Cassandra [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14155&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 6000 (M6)

Stats: 57/46/78

Troop Type: Furious Hydromancer

Battle Magic: None

Lifespan: From as soon as you get her to Burning Sky

Rating: 3/5

Obviously, there are some way better mages out there. All though she is a great hero for Athenian mage builds.

Pallas [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14156&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 20000 (M10)


Troop Type:Golden Cavalry

Battle magic: Moral suppression

Lifespan: From as soon as you get her to when you have The Oneiroi

Rating: 5/5

She can crit, block and dodge. The only thing bad about her is that her spirit is a little too low for a MS hero.

Sponde [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14157&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 38000 (M13)

Stats: 63/78/27

Troop Type: Snowfield Warrior

Battle magic: All-out Onslaught

Lifespan: From Dispute of Golden Apple to early Tartarus

Rating: 2/5

She is only good in Sponde bomber builds (Which die around the faction maps)

Agon [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14158&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 43000 (M14)

Stats: 55/55/63

Troop Type: Military Band

Battle magic: None

Lifespan: Nobody uses him, so I don’t know [Image: tongue.png]

Rating: 1/5

He sucks because of these reasons: 1) His hit rate is not 100%

He has low stats

Aura [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14159&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 50000 (M15)

Stats: 48/54/72

Troop Type: Fire Sower

Battle magic: Strike in line

Lifespan: Nobody ever uses her...So I don’t know [Image: tongue.png]

Rating: 1/5

Her stats are way too low...

Phaethusa [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14160&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 60000 (M16)

Stats: 57/49/97

Troop Type: Forest Pyromaniac

Battle magic: Angel’s wings

Lifespan: All maps until Roaring sea

Rating: 2/5

Her base element makes her a good early stage mage tank...


Prestige needed: 80000 (M18)

Stats: 63/41/83

Troop Type: Sunstorm mage

Battle magic:None

Lifespan: Not used frequently...But she is usually used in late stage mage builds.

Rating: 2/5

Like I said, she is usually only used in mage builds...

Selene[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14161&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 90000 (M19)

Stats: 78/47/62

Troop Type: Cyclops’ hammer chariot

Battle magic: None

Lifespan: From as soon as you get her to Endless Underworld Rivers

Rating: 3/5


Prestige needed: 100000 (M20)

Stats: 63/82/47

Troop Type: Lightning Arrow

Battle magic: Strike in Column

Lifespan: From Lv38 to beyond the desert

Rating: 5/5

Very powerful strike in line BM hero with crits.

Lachesis [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14162&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 130000 (M22)

Stats: 63/45/87

Troop Type: Bugler

Battle magic: None

Lifespan: From when you get her to ???

Rating: 3/5

She’s a bugler...You have to judge her by her stats Tongue

Atropos[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14163&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 150000 (M23)

Stats: 78/91/30

Troop Type: White Dragon Rider

Battle magic: Sneak Raid

Lifespan: From as soon as you get her to forever (Nobody ever tries to use Atropos, so I really don’t know when she dies off)

Rating: 4/5

White Dragon Riders have high dodge rate, plus Sneak raid has a high chance to stun...


Prestige needed: 170000 (M24)

Stats: 74/85/42

Troop Type: Lightning Cavalry

Battle magic: Moral Suppression

Lifespan: From as soon as you get her to the end of Lost Temple

Rating: 4/5

Stats are not THAT bad, she is a lightning cavalry, which makes her the 2nd or 3rd best dodging cavalry in the game...

Dionysus [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14164&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 190000 (M25)

Stats: 70/99/36

Troop Type: Treefolk

Battle magic: Mutiny Outbreak

Lifespan: Lv38 to Chilly Mountain

Rating: 4/5

PFFFFFFF! He needs a fat mount and can barely withstand some elemental hits...WAY overrated [Image: smile.png]

Geras [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14165&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 210000 (M26)


Troop Type: Fireball ballista

Battle Magic: None

Lifespan: From as soon as you recruit him to when you recruit Thrud

Rating: 3/5

His valor stat is a bit low, and he is dead against a Heimdal, but he has a pretty long lifespan and is worth getting.

Hestia [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14166&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 240000 (M27)

Stats: 79/79/50

Troop Type: Phantom Scythe Soldier

Battle magic:Nocturnal Blitzkrieg

Lifespan: Unknown

Rating: 3/5

In my opinion, the stats are good, and she rocks if you know how to use her [Image: smile.png]

Demeter [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14167&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 260000 (M28)

Stats: 52/68/97

Troop Type: Burning Golden Bull

Battle magic: None

Lifespan: From when you get her to Tartarus

Rating: 2/5

Low valor stat, and she can get blocked...A LOT.

Philotes [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14168&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 310000 (M30)

Stats: 88/82/53

Troop Type: Armored Trojan Horse

Battle magic: None

Lifespan: Lv46 to Valkyries Rage

Rating: 4/5

High crit rate and good stats.

Leto[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14169&stc=1]

Prestige needed: [Forgot] (M31)


Troop Type: Mammoth Rider

Battle magic: Soul Taking Arrows

Lifespan: Mostly used in the faction maps and ditched there [Image: frown.png]

Rating: 3/5

She has some really good stats but by the time you get her you are probably too strong for soul taking arrows [Image: smile.png]

Morus [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14170&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 370000

Stats: 77/43/108

Troop Type: Meteorite mage

Battle Magic: None

Lifespan: From when you get a good book to Beyond the Desert

Rating: 4/5

His base stats are pretty good for a mage...

The Oneiroi [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14171&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 420000

Stats: 73/97/68

Troop Type: Shadow Cavalry

Battle Magic: Moral Suppression

Lifespan: From as soon as you get him to the end of Lost Temple

Rating: 4/5

And what you’ve all been waiting for, ATHENIAN’S 3RD MORAL SUPPRESSOR!

He has good crit rate and can dodge...Nothing compared to Eurybia but who cares [Image: wink.png]

Ponos [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14172&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 440000

Stats: 78/112/48

Troop Type: Griffin Rider

Battle magic: Moral Absorption

Lifespan: Unknown

Rating: 4/5

Moral ab is the unpredictable version of NocBlitz...
He has a better dodge, and he can chain his BM

Metis [Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14173&stc=1]

Prestige needed: 450000


Troop Type: Cyclops’ Armored Chariot

Battle Magic: None

Lifespan: She is used in several random fights before Ragnarok..

Rating: 4/5

She’s a really good tank against anything but mages Tongue

(Screenshots of the last few not included)


Prestige needed: 460000


Troop Type: Hammer Phalanx

Battle Magic: Sacred Stardust

Lifespan: From the second you get her to ???

Rating: 5/5

She’s awesome.


Prestige needed: 470000

Stats: 92/93/76

Troop Type: God’s Golden Guard

Battle magic: Rally

Lifespan: From when you get her to when you meet players with pure mage builds [Image: smile.png]

Rating: 4/5

Good base stats and troop type, but the troop type and BM don’t mix [Image: smile.png]


Prestige needed: 480000

Stats: 99/104/65

Troop Type: Golden Archer

Battle magic: Sally Outburst

Lifespan: From HoH to the end of Nils

Rating: 5/5

High valor and spirit stats, best sally outburst hero and has a long lifetime [Image: smile.png]


Prestige needed: 490000


Troop Type: Sea Giant

Battle magic: Total Defense

Lifespan: From when you recruit him to Nils

Rating: 4/5

Everything about him is good except for his BM that mages can go through [Image: frown.png]


Prestige needed: 500000

Stats: 97/53/120

Troop Type: Thunderstorm mage

Battle Magic:None

Lifespan: Forever

Rating: 5/5

Awesome when she has a good book and is in a good mood [Image: smile.png]

RE: Another guide to Athenian prestige heroes - Horus - Pluton - 03-18-2012

Ponos and Hestia Rating fixed.

RE: Another guide to Athenian prestige heroes - Horus - Guest - 04-13-2012

Correction on Syrinx: She is very useful in Chilly and essential with certain npc's if you dont have sult. Beyond this point I dont know. She may be useful in later maps if she has a very high valor as well.

RE: Another guide to Athenian prestige heroes - Horus - GentleGiant - 06-19-2012

It would have been nice to have suggested one or two alternate prestige hero for your low rated ones?