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New features in the 150 Update - Pluton - 04-06-2012

4 New maps:
Lv 150 map : Rainbow Bridge, Yggdrasil
Two low-level maps: Asgard, Wrath of Gods

The maps are either full of houses like Olympia but dark, or full of green mountains, or rivers, like Athena's Wisdom.
Finishing 90% of the map can open a new map, but you have to 100% finish the map in order to get rewards.

Cross-server War (Tournament) (unconfirmed)
Clash of the Titans

You can save and recover the 1 state of attributes.

Some new troops

Gastraphetes Unit
Cheiroballistra Unit
Doomquake Flamen
Thunder Onager
Soul Longbow (BM: Falling Skies: Continuous Crash and Burn)

Faction Bonus for weak faction:
Outbreak of Anger: Increases Hit and Shield by 10%
Make a Sally: Increases Hit and Shield by 30%
Fight or Die: Increases Hit and Shield by 50%

Server Events:
Dictates to Troops: Price of Trumpets reduces by 20%; quantity increases by 3 times. 22:00 on Sept 30 - 00:00 on Oct 8

Ample Supply: Levy to get the same amount of Crops at odds, but you will not get the Crops when your Granary is full. 00:00 on Oct 1 - 00:00 on Oct 8

Legion Merit: Attack legions between 11:00-14:00 to get extra 20% Laurels. 00:00 on Oct 1 - 00:00 on Oct 8

Levy Feast: Levy to get treasure boxes. Duration: 00:00 on Oct 1 - 00:00 on Oct 5 Reset Time: 00:00 server time every day

Ancient Books: Finish the 10-star Daily Quest for the first time during Oct 3 to Oct 4 to get Gold in return! Finish the 10-star Daily Quest for the first time on Oct 3 to get 1,000 Gold.
Finish the 10-star Daily Quest for the first time on Oct 4 to get 500 Gold.
You can only get either of the above rewards once. Duration: 00:00 on Oct 3 - 00:00 on Oct 5
Oct 3, 2012 is Wednesday, so basically made to get lots of money out of players.

Generation of Basileus and Officials
Gamers should reach Lv 81 or above and get the Title Dictator to ascend to the Hierarchy of Basileus, Ephor, Elders or Noble.
○ Since 20:00 in Spring, Year 204, the highest-level gamer who meets the above requirements will be crowned as Basileus of the faction. If there are multiple gamers at the same level, the one with the highest Prestige will ascend to the throne.
○ If there is no qualified gamer, the position of Basileus will remain vacant.
○ During the term, Basileus can appoint officials in Admin - Title panel. Officials have three ranks: Ephor, Elders and Noble.

Effects of Basileus and Officials
During the term, apart from bountiful Hit and Shield bonuses, Basileus and officials will get twice or even several times the amount of Prosperity and Occupation Rate from attack and investment. When opponent Basileuses or officials fight together, the Occupation Rate gained will be the multiplying result of the mulriples.

Faction Power and Level
The higher the faction level, the more positions available in the Hierarchy rank. Basileus can consume Faction Power to upgrade faction level in the Admin - Title panel. There are two ways to gain Faction Power: Defeat opponent Basileus or officials. The higher Hierarchy of the target, the more Faction Power gained. (Details can be viewed in the Wanted list panel.) Each area provides 100 Faction Power for its occupation faction.

New World
Official Guide to New World

The effects of the four seasons are different from those in the Old World.
A. Spring: Enjoy 20% discount of the price when buying Crops.
B. Summer: Levy quota +3.
C. Autumn: Hit of all gamers +1.
D. Winter: Shield of all gamers +1.

Cool Downs
No Technolgy CD, no enhance cooldown
(ClapAlong staff is copy-pasting outdated info, if you read "Guides for Batheo's Lv 150 Version" by Zeus)

No more attack quota (= Unlimited quota)

You can select a Helper from the Officials of your Faction in your enhancement, so to reduce the Enhancement cost. The higher Hierarchy and level of the Official, the less cost you pay.
There will be no Enhancement cooldown if you enhance your equipment, and Psyche Gauge now remains between 95% and 100%.

8. Trading Post
When Assembly reaches Lv 41, Trading Post will be added in.
A. Gamers can dispatch Caravans to the NPC traders 12 times per day in the Trading Post.
B. Every time you send Caravans to a trader, you will obtain the corresponding trader.
D. Caravan Events will be refreshed every Winter randomly.
E. The first gamer to finish the Caravan Events can win multiple rewards.
G. In the New World, you get drachmas or gems from sending caravans.

This is a new building in the new version. After relocating to the New World, you will gain the Warehouse which is used for storing and trading goods. The higher the level of the Warehouse, the larger the Storage value.

Each goods has corresponding cost price, current price and Buying CD. Current price goes up and down randomly.
[Image: attachment.php?attachmentid=14714&stc=1]

Newcomer Privileges
The first 3 days of registration is the newcomer period.
1. Fast Track heroes during 19:00-21:00 every day for free.
2. Halve the Gold consumed in reducing cooldown to 0 within activity time.
3. Double Laurels gained from Expedition.
4. Two Divinities gained at each upgrade of Assembly.
5. Large amounts of Drachmas gained when Assembly upgrades every 5 levels.

Gold rewards for Newcomers
Defeat Perseus 10 Gold rewarded
Defeat Paris 15 Gold rewarded
Defeat Heracles 20 Gold rewarded
Defeat Asclepius 30 Gold rewarded
Defeat Minotaur 40 Gold rewarded
Defeat Polyphemus 50 Gold rewarded
Defeat Prometheus 60 Gold rewarded
Defeat Eris 80 Gold rewarded
Defeat Pontus 100 Gold rewarded
Defeat Ares 120 Gold rewarded
Defeat Apollo 150 Gold rewarded
Defeat Thanatos 200 Gold rewarded
Defeat Hades 250 Gold rewarded

Increase of Treasure Boxes
Treasure Boxes with more Laurels in the maps Ragnarök, Beyond the Desert and Valkyries' Rage will increase.

14. The success rate of recruiting Sult, Nut, Anubis, Iphitos and Oenomaus will increase.

15. The number of soldiers in Valkyries Legion will decrease by 8, and that in Anubis Legion and Siegfried Legion will decrease by 6.

16. Much easier to defeat Skuld and pass the map Olympia.

17. Gamers can launch Farm Battle anytime. The battle effects of the League Battle become more vivid.

18. The requirement to purchase Gold within 24 hours to build to your next VIP level has been removed.

19. Colony function will be removed. Blacklist function in Chat Box will be added in.

20. White equipment that can be bought in the Shop will be removed. Instead, they can be gained through defeating the NPCs in the Expedition.

21. The dropping rate of red equipment will increase.

22. Basileus cannot remove the appointed Officials during his/her term.

23. The strength of Nut and Isis will be improved.

24. The access to Farmland and Silver Mine will be combined.

25. The tips of "City is under attack" will be added in. The Battle Report list has been changed.

26. There will be no more Technology CD when upgrading your Technology.

RE: New features in the 150 Update - Guest - 04-12-2012

Is the Warehouse another way to gain drachmas or something?
Like trading stocks?

Now we gonna need to check the game each 30 min? I can't spend all day on Batheo Sad

RE: New features in the 150 Update - Orochi - 04-13-2012

Quote:16. Much easier to defeat Skuld and pass the map The Wonderful Adventures of Nils

i have the patch notes for chinese server from 08/2011, which batheo basically copied entirely and translated to english ( everything is similar from 1 - 26 lol).. and they translated wrongly for No16.

the map that is made easier is NOT wonderful adventures of nils, it's Olympia.
(04-12-2012, 11:53 PM)Guest Wrote: Is the Warehouse another way to gain drachmas or something?
Like trading stocks?

Now we gonna need to check the game each 30 min? I can't spend all day on Batheo Sad
yes it's basically the concept of buy low sell high, with irritating cooldown timings for both buying and selling, so if u want to earn the max amount by purchasing and then reselling, it's extremely time consuming.

good way to earn drachs... if u can afford to camp 24/7 lol.

RE: New features in the 150 Update - Guest - 04-13-2012

Thank you Orochi,

Also, for the traders, do we choose from a list of random traders now?
Is it like playing with the NPC random system instead of sending traders to players?

Is it also similar for the refines? (i.e. choose from random list, no longer need to team up with other people to refine?)

Can you link to the chinese patch and other useful stuff?