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Lv 160,170,180,"190" Update Preview - Pluton - 06-07-2012

Here is a broad overview in what to expect in the next 4 updates by Squinters


2 new maps (Eastern and Western Han Empire in chinese version)
Recruitables: Huo Qubing (cav, continuous sneak raid), Li Guang (sneak raid mech), Liu Che (morale absorption)
Add dungeon to LT

"Development cities"- new type of city in new world where players can build different types of buildings to be sold for drachs. selling price depends on time it takes for completion.

Outer city- will now have "inner city" (which u see now), as well as separate outer city with separate buildings, most importantly refinery.

Refinery system- will have workers (start with 10, removed in 170 update) who mine "stones" that can be converted to gems through the refinery (central building in outer city)

Gem mines- just like silver mines in old world

Gem mine wrestle

NPC Challenge activity (daily)- first person to defeat specified NPC will get coffer

Purple arms- will be added to game grade 5 red arm can be converted to grade 12 purple, grade 6 red can be converted to grade 20 purple. Max at grade 50 (still not reached by anyone)

New Tech: "Heroism", offensive version of elixir for lvl 120+

New Aide: Auto-NPC hit

New "Banquet" System- for lvl 80+ in specific time periods can open "banquets" and form team with faction members


2 new maps: Defeat Liu Bang to upgrade to 165, defeat xiang yu to upgrade to 170 (finally intuitive progression Tongue)
recruitables: han (morale dependent mech? starts fight at 100 morale)

New Aide function: auto-pvp

Refinery system change: 5 new techs, helpers bonus removed

Gem Embedment: introduction of gem embedment system to equip (brings back value of elementals)

Increase red arm drop rate

(boring update)


2 New maps: finish first map level to 175, finish second map level to 180
Recruitables: Zhang Liang (strike in line mage)

Daily arms: completion of daily activity grants arms frags (your choice, everyone chooses flag)

New training system: training now continuous, no longer need to choose time and mode can use gold to enhance training still

Prestige rank: daily rewards based on prestige rank


(just announced)

New map: recruitable: xiang yu, does not increase level after completion (that is why 190 is in quotes because you will not be able to level to 190)

Arms system change: arms will no longer degrade, failing in arms upgrade will increase fortitude more and crit chance on fortitude increase

New Aide function: auto-banquet,

I just hit on key points for each update, left out all the game optimizations and minor changes (i.e. recruitment rate stuff).

RE: Lv 160,170,180,"190" Update Preview - Guest - 06-07-2012

Quote:Gem Embedment: introduction of gem embedment system to equip (brings back value of elementals)
Can someone explain what that mean?

RE: Lv 160,170,180,"190" Update Preview - rob84 - 06-19-2012

This is all impressive but it seems they can't get anything right or make any announcements on what is going on.

The thing I would like to know is how does the gem mines work. I got to tell you the thing with gem mines makes me curious but there has to be a way to make it fair for all players. A little more info beside the sneak peak would be nice since clapalong is not talking and when they do its a teaser thread with a bunch of bull in the forum.

RE: Lv 160,170,180,"190" Update Preview - degan79 - 06-09-2013

(06-07-2012, 02:41 PM)Guest Wrote: Can someone explain what that mean?
I think he meant "Jewel" instead of "Gem"

RE: Lv 160,170,180,"190" Update Preview - jesfred - 07-04-2013

(06-09-2013, 03:22 AM)degan79 Wrote: I think he meant "Jewel" instead of "Gem"