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Cavalry Troops - aesthete - Pluton - 10-15-2011

by aesthete from ClapAlong forum:

All the Cavalry has the same base dodge rate, plus bonus of each special troop

Lighting Cavalry: Dodge
Flaming Cavalry: Dodge, Damage
Shadow Cavalry: Critics
Girffin Rider: Damage
White Dragon Rider: Defense
Phoenix: Block
Golden Cavalry: Average on dodge/clock/critics/block, and bonus on damage and defense

So in terms of dodge rate, Lighting Cavalry is the best, Flaming Cavalry 2nd, Golden Cavalry 3rd, the rest have the same dodge rate.
But overall Golden Cavalry is the best Cavalry, if not count in those special troops after lv100 map.

Crossbow Cavalry is also a special troop, it's a mixture of archer and cavalry. so it has the base dodge rate of calvalry, as well as the base critic rate of archer.

by aesthete

RE: Cavalry Troops - aesthete - Guest - 12-28-2012

I'd be interested to get some numbers on these dodge and crit rates.
Particularly, how they compare to say:
a) Anubis (Camel Riders)?
b) Edjo (Edjo's Guard)?
c) Oenomaus (Heteroi)?
d) Nanna (Celestial Hussars)?
e) Sult (Odin's Cavalry)