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50 Point Rule - Is Perses an Exception?? - Rose - 12-25-2012

Perses - A Zeus faction prestige hero, stats so low you would never think of recruiting him.

However the reason behind this post, is to ask the 50 point theorist, if Perses is an exception to the rule, his spirit hits are the hardest I have seen, come to wonder how he hits so hard.

His valor hits also are equal to what Zeus hits with the same equipment
(however Zeus is Valor Washed and Perses isnt)

Odin - (in Rainbow)

Nergal - (In Babel)

With his base stats of 66 spirit, he can never in his life be even within 50 points of most his opponents, forget about being 50 points higher to deal maximum damage.

Any inputs? I can only think that he is an exception to the rule

[Image: 35b5dzl.jpg]

RE: 50 Point Rule - Is Perses an Exception?? - Agamemnon_S13/4 - 12-26-2012

Wow serious food for thought and he could be super gemmed if performing that well!

RE: 50 Point Rule - Is Perses an Exception?? - SteveForge - 12-28-2012

Yeah, I went into this a bit more in the CA forums, and some felt the 160 moral and 155 moral crits from Perses made the hits so potent... but I feel its more of an archer damage factor.

I'm convinced this game has a serious buff for archers.

Lotis is the other hero I can think of that hits WAY outside her pay grade, and she usually does it without Zeus-level moral, and crits as much or more than Persus (along with counter-attack damage from time to time).

The real sick idea is using Galene with a fat jewel set up. Pure spirit Soul-Taking arrows (2.0 damage co, only C&B and SS are higher), and the potent Sea Scorpions troop type for "great damage". Her stats suck, but jewels may fix that if you go high enough. (ie. 2 x G14 = 134 stats :-o... but it'd take forever to get those G14s).

(38/34/83) at lv160: +180 wash +160 enchants = (378/374/423)
Add in some G10 jewels (+30 per): 438/434/483

that should be enough to do damage in Babel... though you'd need more for later maps.

If you could get Galene some G12 (+45) jewels though... 468/464/513

So you see my point here... a big dog dropping serious coin on jewels could in theory rock out a otherwise useless hero and instantly have a troop type and BM type that could make ground in big maps.

Even Galene with two G12 spirit jewels gets you that big BM hit and decent mage defense: 378/464/423

Tell me a 464 spirit attack with Soul Taking arrows BM (2.0) and scorpions troop with damage bonus wouldn't be insane? Even among archers the scorpions troops are some of the hardest hitting.

All I need now is 4096 G1 emeralds to make those G12 jewels. :p

RE: 50 Point Rule - Is Perses an Exception?? - Follow Henis - 12-29-2012

It seems like Poseidon has a good mix of archers which would be extremely good with G12 jewels. Palaemon could work also instead of a single target hitter like Marduk or Iphitos. Treefolk is the hardest hitting archer, I think, and washed, enchanted and jeweled to 73/515/32 he could hit extremely hard, maybe even match Anubis at high health, and more cost-efficient than a high-health Anubis since he needs no valor enchants and jewels.

RE: 50 Point Rule - Is Perses an Exception?? - Guest - 12-30-2012

Well you should look at later map BRs and see how hard the valor hits are and then re-think how you are gonna use spirit only washed heroes to do any damage there.

Just don't assume those that go after valor/spirit heroes are completely dumb lol.

RE: 50 Point Rule - Is Perses an Exception?? - EOD - 12-31-2012

(12-30-2012, 06:14 PM)Guest Wrote: Just don't assume those that go after valor/spirit heroes are completely dumb lol.
Certainly, the "strongest" setup would be with all those new heroes with valor and spirit buffed "sufficiently". Nobody had any doubts about that.

The issue is with the cost/availability of jewels on non-Chinese platforms, though. Jewels seem a major bottleneck and the opponents impossible to beat with a simple copying of the approaches that worked in those "sufficient jewels are available" scenarios.
I am sure that everybody is still training the "standard" heroes (Odin, Marduk ...) and is hoping for future updates, but with those long wait times at lvl 160 and 165, it certainly is also not completely dumb to think about some alternatives...