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Laurels for Elf Legion - djpseudo - 01-11-2013

Hi guys, i would like to ask you if somebody can tell me how many laurels could earn if I reach Elf legion. I´m 127 right now and i was wondering if it´s worthy enough to keep that level to reach Elf legion and avoid 130 for a couple of weeks.

djP Cool

RE: Laurels for Elf Legion - rob84 - 01-12-2013

They nerfed the laurel penalty for leveling up in the last update. As a 150 I help out my fellow players and get almost 4k per run when I take at least 2 during bonus time. I have no idea what the 130's are getting right now and I hope I have been helpful.

RE: Laurels for Elf Legion - Guest - 01-20-2013

thanks rob, i've arrived to Elf's legion, it's 7200 per legion in the bonus time, so it's worthy spend on it a few weeks Smile next one is Elf but it will take some time i guess