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Ragnarok, One Hero, Low Level - dietonight - 09-27-2013

Taking a break from getting massacred by Tethys to pick off some easier NPCs.

Vanguard Force I: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N20130927534990
Vanguard Force II: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N20130927540005
Vanguard Force III: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N20130927545120
Vanguard Force IV: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N20130927552156

I actually took a few shots at VF1 while at Lv 75 and he was too much. Lv 79 however is a whole other story.

The first three here put up no real resistance, all falling easily on the first try. VF4 was a little more challenging because of that morale absorption + bugler combo. Perhaps I could have won on the first try anyway had I put Dio in the center; but instead I put him at the top and lost. Putting him in center on the second try did the trick.

Already lost 5 times to VF5. Those 2 mages are both nasty problems, and single-target mechs are not my friend either. Still, shouldn't be anywhere near as bad as Tethys.

RE: Ragnarok, One Hero, Low Level - dietonight - 09-29-2013

Vanguard Force V: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201309298520118
Vanguard Force VI: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201309298524718
Bragi: http://b23.clapalong.com/?fid=N201309298551301

Vanguard Force 5 was the hardest by far. Took on the order of 100 tries. Need Dio to not crit on first two turns (otherwise healing amount on 3rd turn will be low), cyclone mage to fail twice, criticals when it counts most against the fire mage and flaming cavalry, non-crits from the enemy armored trojan horse, a lucky block to throw off the rhythm and non-dodges from the enemy flaming cavalry. Perhaps rarest of all though, Sneak Raid failed to stun not once (already very, very rare) but twice.

After that Vanguard Force 6 and Bragi were not hard. VF6 fell on first try despite some pretty miserable luck early on. Bragi took 3 tries; just needed to take out the Total Defenser fast, and the dancer to fail a few times so I'm not constantly getting blasted with Crash&Burn. Interestingly enough, he's the first NPC I've beaten with over 40k faculty.

Haven't tried Freyr, but with bugler + 2x morale absorption + total defense + sneak raid, he's surely impossible without far greater power. But that's ok.

Going to level up to 80. What a historic day!