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Ashlar Fights: Faction PvP for a few extra coffers - SteveForge - 02-23-2015

So the first Ashlar Fights are over. (Poseidon won on S3 with 72 Ashlar and received 8 coffers).

For those wondering what the Miracle Activity is:
- this is a faction vs faction assault based on PvP fights in the New World.
- Like Massive Assaults, it relies on PvP (instead of Gem Battle-like Legion fights). Unlike Massive Assaults though, you do not have to win an area to win... you need to accumulate stones (Ashlar) by launching PvP attacks. No specific area is required.
- Deity purchase costs are lowered to a 1n scale (1 gold, 2 gold, 3 gold, etc...) instead of the normal 3n scale.
- Cool Down reduction costs are lowered by 1 gold. A red CD can be eliminated by spending 7 gold (instead of the normal 8 gold).
- seizing Ashlar (stones) occurs randomly, and can happen even when launching a losing attack. Even a suicide 10-0 loss can win Ashlar. Drop rates seem lower during losses vs Complete Wins... but that's just anecdotal, no stats on that yet.

This activity's rewards are horrible.

Dumping every coffer and deity you have into this activity in total dominance (ie. winning 72 Ashlar) results in only 8 extra coffers. Yes, not 800, and not even 80.... just EIGHT.

NEVER EVER spend ANY gold on this activity for ANY reason.